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REVIEW: Holely Change by Sans Minds

RATING: 9.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Holely Change by Sans Minds is a very strong direct effect in which the spectator’s card apparently changes colors right in front of their eyes.  For $29.99 you will get your money’s worth out of this one.


From the spectator’s point of view, the performer shows two blank card with large holes in them so you can see through the card when they are placed together.  A spectator pick a red backed Bicycle card from a red-backed deck, signs it and inserts it in between the two holed cards.  The red-back is pulled out and is seen extending beyond the card and also in between the circles.  The card is them quickly pushed into the two holed cards and the back is now blue!  Watch the promo video, it really looks that good! 


You get a 14 minute DVD and the gimmicks needed to do this trick.  It will take you 3 minutes of practice and then you will be ready to really blow minds.  This is very, very strong and totally surprising.  No spectator will suspect what is coming until they are hit in the face with an awesome color change.  The production quality is excellent and the instruction is great.  Quick and easy to learn and perform.  Each time you do this trick you will ruin a single card by writing on it.  The reset takes a few seconds, but this is a great trick for strolling gigs since you can reset on the go.  You end as dirty as you started, but you should be able to handle that no problem!


What can I say, I love this.  So does everyone that watches it.

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