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REVIEW:  Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni presented by Saturn Magic

RATING: 9 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni is an amazing effect presented by Saturn Magic.  This is a leap forward in the object to impossible location effect.

Simply put, this is awesome.  You have a spectator sign a coin so there is no other coin like that one in the world (You can use some rings too – but don’t sign them).  The coin vanishes and then it reappears inside the middle of a large ice cube (approximately 3 inches by 2 inches) which is inside a velvet bag.  You take a small hammer (which you will need to provide) and smash the ice cube into pieces and then remove the signed coin from the center.  The ice cube can pass inspection moments before it is smashed open.


This is totally F$%!^g impossible!!!


With your $44.95 purchase of Ice Qube, you get a box full of stuff.  An ice cube maker with a special gimmick, a presentational velvet bag, some plastic bags, some mini towels and some extra stuff to help you make the cube seem perfect.  You also get a link to a downloadable or streaming instructional video that is an hour and twenty threes.  It is taught partially by Traversoni and partially by Johnson. 


The gimmicks and stuff included to make the ice cubes are good quality.  The video however is not the best.  Basically, the video is way longer than it needs to be, the sound quality and video quality is poor.  I was really very disappointed in the audio which made the video annoying to listen to.  The video probably could have and should have been about 40 minutes long.  In the end, Traversoni is giving total unnecessary advice such as don’t drop the ice cube maker gimmick or you may dent your floor.  Also, the video should have started with a live performance of the effect and then a brief explanation of the method.  The video did it backwards and instead saves the performances for a point well after an hour into the instructional video.  And, the quality of the video of the performances by Johnson are terrible – although the performances themselves are good.  With this criticism, I will tell you that I had no lingering questions after watching the video, so well done on that account.


While this effect is massive and the reactions are even bigger, there is quite a bit of set-up and preparation needed to perform this effect.  That is ok because the payoff is HUGE!


Notwithstanding my criticism of the instructional video, this is an awe inspiring trick that your spectators will NEVER EVER forget.


This mind blowing effect can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic dealer!





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