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REVIEW: Indexpress by Vernet
RATING: 8 out of 10
Indexpress by Vernet is advertised as the Fastest Billet Index.  The promotional materials show a picture of the two indexes that you get with your $49 purchase so there should be no mystery as to what this product is or does.

The Indexpress is not meant for playing cards.  It is meant for billets.  However, each billet contains the name of one of the 52 playing cards.  The 26 minutes video starts off with a live performance by Michel at a banquet event.  Michel is in the center of the dance floor and the audience is seated around him at tables.  Michel has a nice story about opening a sugar packet and pouring it into a coffee and how the image of a playing card appeared in his coffee. He throws a pretend deck to any spectator, saying it is an invisible deck and asks him to select a single card.  At the same time, Michel takes out a note from his wallet and drops it into a clear wine glass which is held by another spectator.  The spectator with the “invisible” deck names his though of card and Michael takes the wine glass and is seen taking the small note out of the glass and immediately hands it to the spectator.  When she reads the note, it contains the name of the exact playing card that the first spectator thought of and named out loud a few second before.  The presentation is excellent and the crowd applauds, loudly!

Michel and his side-kick, German, then teach the history of the index and the development of the Indexpress in the Vernet studio.  Michel teaches how to make the billets, how to load them in the index and how to get to the needed billet quickly.  Michel teaches how he switches the billets and teaches several excellent alternative switches.  Michel demonstrates pulling the billet out of his pocket using a clear bag held at his side, but that is it.  In my opinion, he should have done more demonstrations with the bag/see-though pocket.  The reason that Michel calls this the fastest index is that the most you will have to count is 2 steps and not 3 like many other billets.  The instructions as a whole are very good and clearly explain how to present and learn the effect.
In addition to the two indexes and the password protected instructional video, you get written instructions which are solid.

The indexes themselves are made of a sturdy paper and should last a decent period of time, but they will bend and crease and will eventually need to be replaced.  If you are new to indexes, you will need to practice using the gimmick to make sure you are pulling the correct billet and doing it quickly.  Otherwise, the effect will fail and then you will be tap dancing.

This is a quality product from Vernet that is fun to use and proves to your audience that you are a master magician.  Big time results for such a small utility tool.

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