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REVIEW: Insomnia by Antonio Cacace and Titanas Magic
RATING: 8 out of 10
FULL REVIEW: Insomnia by Antonio Cacace and Titanas Magic is a DVD in which Cacace instructs on sleight of hand moves and teaches several routines.


This DVD is very interesting because there is not a spoken word during the entire hour and fifty three minutes of magic.  All the moves, sleights and routines are taught to magic.  First there is a demonstration of the move or the trick.  It is shot from a birds-eye-view from the torso down.  It is a very sleek minimalist room and it is a very appealing background.  The explanation segments use different angles to best teach the specific move.  Cacace instructs on what not to do by demonstrating the wrong move and shaking his finger disapprovingly.


There is a ton of magic here and it comes quickly track after track.  There are many Ace productions and reveals that are very pleasing to the eye. 


This project is not for beginners.  To enjoy this DVD you should already have masters many basic fundamental moves.  There are various levels of moves and some are harder than others.


There are 9 moves taught and 7 routines that incorporate the moves.  Although the magic is all very good, if you watch this straight through it all seems to blend into one another and you can’t remember what is what.  Watch this in installments because there is so much offered.  There are also bonus moves by Davide Tizzano.


Some of the magic taught is credited to some great magicians and card handlers like Dan & Dave, Patrick Kun, Eric Jones, Daniel Madison and Daniel Garcia.


For $24.95, this is a great deal.  The magic taught is very strong and anyone that can’t put down a deck of cards should pick up this DVD.



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