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REVIEW: Leap by Agus Tiju



FULL REVIEW: Leap by Agus Tiju is one of those tricks that are really special. It is so amazing that you will want to perform it every day and all the time, but maybe you should save it for the right moment. It is absolutely magical and mind blowing.

With Leap, you put a card box down on the table, put a shot glass on top of the box face up and then cover the shot glass with a larger drinking glass and putting it face down over the shot glass. You then take a coin and push in into the bottom of the face-down drinking glass and you see the coin drop into the shot glass. The drinking glass and the shot glass can be thoroughly examined. It is truly amazing. This can be played like a pure act of magic or a bar bet that turns into an unforgettable moment of magic both of which are guaranteed to deliver a moment of nuclear astonishment.

With your $69.95 purchase of Leap you get a nice hard plastic box that you will keep to store the trick, a red Bicycle card box, a shot glass, a blue Bicycle card box to swap out the red box, and a link to a 45 minute downloadable and streaming instructional video. You supply your own drinking glass.

This trick will require some sleight of hand, but not very difficult stuff. You will be able to do it with a signed coin, but that will require a bit more misdirection and sleight of hand. The card box is the genius gimmick behind the trick and it works easily. The trick will require some practice to make sure that the coin lands in the shot glass, but that is easy practice, just trial and error. Some drinking glasses are better suited for this trick than others and that will be easy to figure out with practice. The card box cannot be handed out for inspection, but because it is used as a platform for the shot glass and drinking glass, it won’t draw the attention of your spectators. The spectators will immediately reach for the glass.

The trick is very easy to perform and get setup for, but you likely won’t be able to do it a second time immediately if you are sitting with a group of people. The reset only takes three seconds, but it will draw some attention.

The instructional video is subpar. It was filmed by the creator and is too long and has English subtitles. But, because the trick is so easy to perform and learn, you really don’t need to watch the video.

Leap is an A-List trick. It is so baffling and super extraordinary, it is worth you hard earned dough. Great for restaurant gigs and other strolling gigs where a shot glass and drinking glass will not be out of place.

Leap gets the highest rating because it is awesome!


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