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REVIEW:  Link (Lifesaver Edition) by Ben Williams

RATING: 7.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Linko is Ben Williams’ American version of his close-up effect using everyday mints – now for Lifesavers. It is a walk around gem that has a double punch that will amuse your spectators.


With Linko, you show a pack of Lifesavers and the graphic of individual mints on the end of the roll of mints. You also hand out two mints for your spectator to hold.  You show what appears to be both sides of the roll and then in an instant the two individual graphic mints merge and are seen to be linked onto one another.  Then, when the spectator opens her hand, the two individual Lifesavers that she was holding are also impossibly linked together.


The effect is quick and direct and the spectators will be amazed by the physical linking of the Lifesavers. This trick was previously designed for POLO mints and the “O’s” in the word POLO move and link together, which I found to be more visually stunning than the Lifesavers version.  The trick is not hard to learn how to do and is easy to perform.  I have to say that when I saw the promotional video, I had a strong suspicion how the trick was done, which uses a basic magic move that you learn with every beginner magic kit.


With your $19.95 purchase, you get supplies to make 10 Lifesaver rolls. The arts and crafts required for this take about 1 minute for each roll.  You also get a link to a downloadable or streaming video taught by Williams.  Although there is a live performance by Steven Bridges, I wish there was more live performances that had closer camera work.  Most of the hour and twenty two minute video is Williams sitting in a home movie theater talking and explaining every detail about the trick.  The linked mints are not included, but he teaches how to make them yourself, which will take a few minutes per mint.  Williams also teaches some basic sleights that are needed to perform this trick.  Williams explains several versions and handling of the trick during the video and shows various ways to “link” the mints.


Linko is a cool, seemingly impromptu trick you can do with an omnipresent every day object. This is a great trick for lay people and fun for magicians to perform.




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