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REVIEW: Liquid Killer by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds
RATING: 9 out of 10
FULL REVIEW: Liquid Killer by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds is an amazing metal bending DVD. Strebler is known for Liquid Metal, from over a decade ago, and now Liquid Killer takes the routine to the next level.

The DVD itself is under 40 minutes long and is excellently produced. Strebler himself teaches and performs the multi-phased fork bending routine, but there are no live performances. He demonstrates the routine in the studio with no audience and the camera work at times hides the dirty work. I wish that was not the case so you can see everything. In real life, the misdirection of the act ensures that the audience does not see some of what is happening, so I suppose that the performance with selective camera angles is meant to give you a real-life spectator experience.

Strebler goes through the routine, step-by-step and his teaching is excellent. He draws upon the subtleties and focuses on the small moves that make this miracle even more miraculous. As mentioned above, there are no live performances and I wish there were. It is important to see how Strebler moves his body and how he manages his audience in real life with real people. This is the type of magic that one can learn from the DVD, but in my opinion, the assistance of a mentor is crucial to get this down right.

For those that have no experience bending forks, this will take a significant amount of work to get every aspect running cleanly and with fluidity. Even for those with experience, practice is required and it will pay off.

The greatest part about this routine, aside from the incredible looking fork at the end, it the fact that you will give away the twisted cutlery and your spectator will keep it forever. No one will try and bend it back because it is a work of art. The twisted tines are so incredible looking that it is a keepsake for sure.

Watching Strebler perform is like watching a master artist create. It is as the ad-copy says, a masterpiece. This DVD is excellently priced at $24.95 and is worth it just to watch a guru perform and explain his secrets.

Strebler teaches you how to misdirect, what words to use, how to bend, break and manipulate the fork. He teaches you how to set up and how to work on the fly.

Strebler does not discuss what forks to bend and if you want special forks, where to get them. SansMinds indicates that this requires a 2 out of 5 skill level required. I think it is more like a 3 out of 5. They also claim that audience management is a 2.5 out of 5 and I think it is more like a 3.5 out of 5. Finally, SansMinds says that there is a 360 performance angle, which can be the case, but is not always – it depends on what you are wearing and how deep your pockets are.

Liquid Killer is a brilliant piece of art and for anyone with any interest in metal bending and misdirection, this is a great gift.

Please purchase this awesome DVD at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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