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REVIEW:  Murphy’s Magic The Vault: Code of Silence by Gary Kurtz




Pay attention all.  Code of Silence is a double trick download.  It contains Sharing the Limelight and Code of Silence.  Two totally different tricks that are both totally amazing.  They come on an 11 minute download as part of The Vault series by Murphy’s Magic. 


This video contains only the explanation of each effect.  The promotional video however, which is four minutes long, contains a performance of Sharing the Limelight and incorporating Code of Silence.  This routine, is totally amazing.  Trust me on this!  For only $5 you get two pieces of awesome and when combined are mind-blowing, gray matter-melting material.


Sharing the Limelight is a method by which your spectators pick a card and another spectator is able to find the card in the deck time after time.  The greatest part about this trick is that the spectator that finds the card does not know how they are doing it and they seem like they are performing the magic. 


Code of silence is a system by which you can communicate the name of a card to a spectator without speaking.  To do this you need a surface to place the cards upon and only about 2 or 3 minutes to teach the method.  It is great!


Once you combine the two tricks, which can be performed separately, it just is knock-down drag-out killer.


There are some moves in Sharing the Limelight, but they are not difficult.  The instruction for both tricks is very to the point and direct.  It is easy to follow and both are easy to learn and perform.


This is such a great bargain from such a great magician there should be no excuse for you not to download this immediately.

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