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REVIEW: Off World by JP Vallarino & Murphy's Magic
RATING: 9.5 out of 10

This is one of those tricks that comes along every so often and it is really cool, really good and really strong. As a magician, you may have been fooled when you first saw it for a minute or two and once you learn the secret you will (or already have) laugh.  Love this!

As you can probably tell, Off World is another take on Out Of this World, kind of. There are many ways to approach this trick.  It is similar in theme, but so different in execution.  There is no waiting in Off World.  Instant gratification and surprise that builds and magnifies.  In Out of This World you have a spectator deal cards face down and at the end the reveal is very strong.  In Off World, the cards are revealed face up, one at a time and it is super amazing.

You can do this as a subconscious memory trick where you fan a mixed up deck and then the spectator calls out the color of the cards one at a time and they are instantly proven to be correct. This trick can also be presented as a trick of influence in which the performer suggests that they influence the spectator into naming either a red or black card and when they do, it is always correct.  Totally amazing.

With your $39.95 purchase, you get an almost ready-to-go gimmicked rider backed deck of cards and a link to a password protected 55 minute instructional video taught by well-known magician Gregory Wilson. Wilson is such a great performer and teacher and he does a top-notch job in explaining and selling Off World.  During the instruction he exposes some matters that you may encounter and he immediately and aptly deals with these unexpected issues.  The production value of his video is excellent as you would expect with a project that involves Wilson.

Although you may need to fix the deck after some use, it is a very commonly known magic method for fooling. I was fooled when I first saw the promotional video, but almost immediately figured out what was behind the magic.  It is such a clever application to an old trick.

This trick is so easy to learn and perform that you will be able to take it on the road almost immediately. There is some one-time set up that will take about 5-10 minutes and then you are set.

Trust me when I tell you that this will score big with your audience. Great for strolling, never needs to be set down on a table and so easy to reset right in front of your spectators.  Outstanding!

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The concept is great.

Bill Kalush can do this with a normal deck! I think his method was basically the same, except he didn't need any gaffs! It's a killer idea.

Bill did it from a face down deck by just asking the spec "red or black." He'd turn the top card face up as he dealt it to its respective red/black pile. It looked like the real deal.

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