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Your How To Guide to Creating Magic

If you think some people are just born creative (and you’re not one of them), think again. Experts say we all have a wellspring of creative energy. The secret is how to tap into it

There are no solutions in this book - only 100 ideas to get you started. Rory has compiled a list of random trick ideas - and he's left it up to you to solve them.

Also, the front half of this book is a quick read to get you started on the creative path. If you've always wanted to design your own effects, this is a quick read to get you started.

"This book is utterly utterly UTTERLY brilliant. Buy it, it is wonderful." 
- Andy Nyman 

"Rory has published the SECRETS to creating magic. Get ready to have your creativity sparked!" 
- Justin Flom 

"Expect to be immediately inspired. Every page seems to have something so clever you will wish the idea was yours." 
- Franco Pascali

Most people tend to look at those people who develop creative ideas consistently with a kind of reverence. And people who do seem blessed with a talent for creativity live in fear that talent will run out some day and they will be just like everybody else.

In order to enhance your creativity, here are three things you can do to practice.

1. BECOME AN EXPLAINER In order to maximize the quality of your knowledge, you have to develop the habit to explain things back to yourself. Practice teaching a trick you already know, back to yourself. 

2. PRACTICE OPENNESS One of the five core personality dimensions is openness. The most creative people are typically very open people. Mere exposure is the observation that we like things better after we have seen them once before. Let that familiarity help you open yourself up to new prospects.

3. KEEP ASKING NEW QUESTIONS As an easy exercise to practice asking questions, think about a trick you are trying to solve right now. Now, ask yourself how a variety of your favorite magicians would approach that same problem

Good Luck



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