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REVIEW:  Opkoopjes Mouth Streamers

RATING: 8 out of 10



I love mouth coils. I have been buying these things since I was a kid.  I love different patterns, colors and sizes.  I think of them not so much as a magic trick, but an accessory or gag item.  That said, they go together well with certain magic tricks and are great for children’s parties.



With your purchase of Opkoopjes Mouth Streamers you get a 12 pack of hand-made mouth coils of one length; either 46 feet or 62 feet.  You also get a link to 11 videos and a short pdf instructional booklet.  The videos contain one performance at a children’s party and 10 instructional videos containing discreet topics such as handling tips, things to do and not to do, motivation for putting you hand to your mouth and other topics.  Both the pdf and the videos deliver some good tips, but nothing that a good performer won’t intuitively know.  It is worth the watch and read.


Jan Kosters, the manufacturer of the coils stresses that he makes these by hand and that they are therefore more expensive than others you can buy on the market.  It is true that some mouth coils are so poorly made that they will easily tear, but they are also much less expensive.  Some mouth coils are braided and others just spool from a long roll.  Others are so tightly made that it is difficult for them to release.  These mouth coils are braided, which of course is better and they flow easily.  The shorter length costs $29.95 for 12 (a per coil cost of $2.49) and the 63 foot coils cost $34.95 or a cost per coil of $2.91.  They come in various colors such as white, rainbow, patriotic (red, white and blue), Halloween and Christmas.


The creator indicates that if you wish to buy custom colors he will make them, but there is a minimum of 4-5 dozen.


I have enjoyed using these mouth coils and can recommend them based upon their quality.


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