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REVIEW:  Psycho by Vernet Magic is Inaki Zabaleta

RATING: 8.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Psycho by Vernet Magic is Inaki Zabaleta’s take on the classic card stab routine.  In Zabaleta’s version, 5 spectators choose cards, which are apparently lost in the deck and then stabbed one at a time, in order, while the performer is blindfolded.  The routine is very impressive.


With your $29 purchase of Psycho, you get a well-produced DVD that is narrated by Zabaleta and magician Manuel Llaser.  The DVD is in English, but it contains Spanish subtitles if you elect.  The routine will require that you make a simple gimmick that takes about 2 minutes (at most) to make.  In addition to the gimmick, you will need a piece of wood to use as a surface that you can stab into, a knife and a blindfold.  None of those items come with the DVD.  Obviously you will ruin 5 cards during each performance because you stab them with a card.


The DVD contains a performance by Zabaleta to an audience that is surrounding him as he stands in front of a table with the piece of wood on it.  He presents a comical script that is easy to pull off and does not require masterful comedic timing.  After the presentation he takes you step-by-step through the method and the basic moves and how to use the gimmick.  A very strong convincer is that the spectator can domino shuffle the cards (pushing and mashing them around a flat surface) until their heart’s content.  The routine is easy to learn and perform and only has a few moves.


Then, Zabaleta and Llaser discuss the history of the card stab and review the literature in which prior versions were printed, giving full credit to earlier creators.


This routine is great for parlor or stage venues and can even be trotted out for casual gatherings if you don’t mind carrying the gear.  Psycho is extremely striking and will leave remarkable memories with your spectators.



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