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Dave Campbell

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This was the other part of a '2-fer' I got from Vanishing back in August. I already reviewed "Red Herring" here. I just checked and the offer is still there called "Impossible" for $15.

There's already been a little discussion of Ramjollock on the other thread, and it appears it is on Earl's "Past Midnight" DVD set which I don't own.

If you've read my "Red Herring" review or are familiar with it, there are some similarities with Ramjollock, in that the performer is hands-off until the end.

In this effect, however, the spectator peeks a card, then cuts and riffle-shuffles the deck a couple times. Then moves the selected card somewhere else in the deck and cuts again before the performer takes over.

This one is not as 'automatic' as "Red Herring", but the free selection and riffle shuffles should fool pretty much anyone.

Because of the way the effect works, he teaches a few 'outs' and explains how the final reveal can get tricky. He said they were sort of 'edge' conditions, but the second time I ran through a practice, I hit one of those, so this one will take a bit of playing before it's ready to try out on your cat.

As with "Red Herring", I like it a lot, was a great special and worth the download for sure.


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