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REVIEW: Sharpshooter by Jonathan Wooten and Sansminds Presents

RATING: 9 out of 10



Sansminds released Sharpshooter after Jonathan Wooten submitted it to them as a trick.  Well, they bought it and it is a good one.  In a nutshell, a spectator picks a card.  It is lost in the deck and the magician places the squared deck on a flat surface.  He then stretches a rubber band around the deck with both hands and when he let’s go, the rubber band cuts to the selected card.  If the performer wants to allow the spectator to do the magic, the spectator places their fingers on the rubber band and they let go and the card is found.


For $20 you get a 13 minute DVD that is excellently produced.  The length of the DVD is appropriate because you learn everything you need in that time.  The reactions on the performance tracks are really over the top.  You will not get screaming and freaking out reactions, but that is typical with Sansminds DVDs.  The reactions you will get will be excellent, just not what Sansminds portrays.


In order to do this trick you need to create your own gimmick.  It is not difficult to do and in fact it is quite easy.  You will have to destroy some playing cards to make the gimmick, but no biggie.  The gimmick, once made, will only be able to be used with the deck of cards that you choose.  For example, a red rider-backed deck.


There is no reset because it is instant and there are no angles to be concerned about.  Sansminds labelled this as on of their “Worker Series” projects which I guess means they really like it.  So do I.


This is a great idea, it is fun and practical and you can take it on the road.  A great way to find a chosen and lost card.  I recommend this easy to do trick.

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