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REVIEW: Space Shifter by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds
RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars!

FULL REVIEW: Space Shifter is one of three recent Nicholas Lawrence creations released by Sans Mind Magic.

In Space Shifter, the spectator picks a card as the performer is riffling through a deck of cards. It is signed and the performer apparently rips the corner of the card and hands it to the spectator. As the spectator pulls the card from the performer’s hands, the torn corner instantly visually appears, where it was visibly absent a moment earlier, and a hole that matches the torn piece of the card that the spectator is holding astonishingly moves to the middle of the card.

This trick comes with a DVD, which gives clear instruction on how to build the necessary gimmicks to perform this trick. The gimmicks only take a few minutes to make and you will need some supplies that you will likely already have if you have made some simple gimmicks before.
You can repeat this trick with different cards, but will need to do some pre-strolling gimmick making to accomplish different cards. The card with the hole in it is a great souvenir. I have found that spectators react very strongly to this effect.

If you like the promotional video, you will like this trick. It is fair and accurate. Although the ad copy may not be technically accurate, it is accurate in that it describes what the spectator sees and believes they see.

Although this trick is easy to perform, you should practice it for a short while so the movements are fluid and so you don’t flash anything that will ruin the illusion, because there are some angles to be careful of with Space Shifter. Also, I would not perform this trick in the brightest of rooms because the gimmick may be more visible in intense light. However, this trick is all about the presentation and patter and you will be able to misdirect your spectators from the things that could expose the method.

I highly recommend Space Shifter.

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