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REVIEW:  Spell by Shin Lim and Murphy’s Magic – The Vault Series

RATING:  7.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW:  Spell by Shin Lim is an installment in the Murphy’s Magic The Vault series presented by Bro Gilbert in which any card is chosen from a borrowed shuffled deck and returned to the deck by the spectator.  The spectator then spells their card by dealing one card at a time face down on the table and the last card is the spectator’s chosen card.


It is true that any card is selected and there are no forces.  It is true that there is no stack.  It is true that there are no gimmicks, peeking or gaffs.  And it is true that this trick is very impressive, especially since the spectator picks the card, puts it back in and then spells the card out.  Seemingly impossible and amazing.


With your $7.95 video download purchase you get am 11 minute download that is taught by Shin Lim.  You also get a PDF with written instructions that need to be memorized and mastered to perform this trick with fluidity.  The instructional video does not demonstrate the trick and instead assumes that you have watched the promotional video where Shin Lim performs the trick to a single spectator.  The camera work on the video is good and there are good close-up angles on the “move” that you will need to learn to do Spell.  The move is not hard, but may require a small amount a practice.  My criticism of the instructional video is that there is no live or studio performance when I think there should be several examples.  In the promotional video, you see how amazing Lim and how invisible the “move” is in his hands.  It is truly amazing as is Shin Lim.


I thoroughly enjoy the method the Lim teaches for this age old trick, but my biggest criticism is that it requires a ton of memory work.  You need to either remember 52 easy formulas or be able to quickly do some computing in your head.  It is more than just some basic memory work, so be forewarned.


Overall, this trick is a great impromptu card trick that will fool and amaze your spectators.


Now available for viewing on and


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