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REVIEW: Suspend by Richard Griffin

RATING: 4 out of 10



Suspend by Richard Griffin is an effect in which the performer takes a Sharpie marker and touches it to the top of a can of soda and the can appears to be magnetized to the pen.  When the performer lifts the pen, the can travels with it.  When the performer puts the can back into his hand it “de-magnetizes” from the can.  The secret is in a gimmick, which will cost you $19.95.


Unfortunately, I don’t love this trick.  When I first saw the promotional video it didn’t really grab my attention.  It just seemed to me that there was a gimmick behind the trick.  Once I received the product, I was certain that I would never use this product.  Here’s why:  Your spectator will suspect that there is something going and the explanation for how to ditch the gimmick is not satisfactory to me.  I don’t think that this trick is one that has many settings in which you would want to use it.  The can must be closed which limits the opportunities that you have to perform this trick.  That is because once someone has a can of soda, they open it immediately.  For that reason, I don’t think this is good for strolling situations unless you want to carry around an unopened can of soda. 


There is a move you have to do to be able to hand out the can and pen which I think will come under scrutiny.  The way the trick is taught, it is mostly performed immediately after the pen is taken out of your pocket.  I don’t think it is opener or closer quality.  And, unless you are doing a set of tricks in which you magnetize items, I just personally don’t see the spot to use this very quick trick, for me.


You cannot do it surrounded and you have to clean up before you hand out the pen and can, which I found to be a bit tricky.


With your purchase you get the gimmick which you can use with any standard can of soda and Sharpie.  I like the thinking behind this trick, but just don’t see the execution working.  You also get a double sided single sheet of papers with written instructions and a password protected 19 minute instructional video.  The trick is easy to learn and perform.  There is a moment when it may appear that you are doing something a bit fiddly which will only raise questions with your spectators.  The video and audio quality is sub-par for today’s products.  There are no live performances which is a negative.


To be honest, this is a trick that I think I would have enjoyed when I was a boy.  I just cannot see a grown magician performing this trick with the exception of a hobbyist to their very drunk friends.  There are some angles to be aware of and I think the best place to do this trick is in a dark bar.


If you have wish to demonstrate your super hero powers and magnetize a Sharpie pen so that it can pick up a can of soda or beer, you should check out Suspend at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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