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REVIEW: Switch-A-Lope by Arnaud and Presented by Murphy’s Magic
RATING: 9.5 out of 10
Switch-A-Lope is, as advertised, a prediction in an envelope effect in which you have 4 outs. It is actually an envelope in an envelope and it is just great. This effect is meant for a stage performance, not close-up, and is very smart and very fooling. What you see is a large white envelope that has a clear plastic front. Inside that large envelope (15 ½ inches by 10 inches) you see a normal size orange envelope that contains the prediction. That envelope can be seen at all times. It is very clean and when the orange envelope is removed from the large white envelope you can see it very clearly being taken out of the larger envelope. You can see it half in and half out and in fact it is truly the same envelope. Depending on what the prediction is revealed to be, you have 4 outs and the spectator can remove the prediction from the orange envelope.

This gimmick is fantastic. As stated above, it is clever and will fool magicians. The ad copy praise is well deserved and true.

With your $59.95 purchase, you get the white envelope and the orange envelope and everything needed to perform this stage routine. You also get a password protected instructional video that is taught by Arnaud. The video is 14 minutes long and it is direct and to the point. It is a perfect length. Part of it is shot in an office environment and part of it is shot in a studio. The instructions are easy to follow and likewise the trick is easy to learn and perform.
While the spectators cannot handle everything and they cannot stand at all angles, they can remove the prediction from the reveal envelope. This is so simple you may wonder why you didn’t create this yourself.

I fully endorse this trick for stage prediction routine. Switch-A-Lope will no doubt be widely used for its excellent design and ingenious routine. Bravo!

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