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Inner Circle
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REVIEW: The Anniversary Waltz by Kozmo Magic and Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason
RATING 10 out of 10!
FULL REVIEW: Kozmo Magic with Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason present The Anniversary Waltz with a specially designed deck of cards made just for this classic card trick. How clever of Kozmo to give away the hour plus tutorial for free to entice you to buy the cards. Brilliant!

Anything with either Doc or Garrett’s name on it is worth taking a look. Here, both superstar magi perform, teach and brainstorm different versions of the Anniversary Waltz. No one will deny the power of this effect! For those that are not familiar with this trick, two spectators participate and pick and sign a card in turn. After both cards are returned to the deck they are located and have fused together as a single inseparable card! This card classic can be performed to young couples in love (using the King and Queen of Hearts) or even just friends or business associates using many of the other cards.

The hour long tutorial, which is available as a free download, is mostly shot in studio with Doc and Garrett. Both perform their version of the trick to recently engaged couples and you can see the emotional responses when the couples are given a souvenir of their love; the magical fused and signed card. Both Doc and Garrett have their own version of the trick and each are great. Garret demonstrates a more direct version and both magicians share their war stories which we can all learn from.

Each magician also runs through the steps of their presentations with the other magician and then teaches it step-by-step. The production is excellent and the teaching is top notch. Both Eason and Thomas discuss the history and evolution of the trick and credit the origin and development.

This trick is not difficult to learn or perform, but does require some basic sleights and card handling skills. The angles are pretty good as long as the cards are tabled or controlled with some basic audience management. This is great for table hopping and you can perform this trick several times in a row as long as you have a few of the purchased cards in your pocket. It should only take a split second to set up and you are ready to go.

With your purchase you get a specially gaffed deck of cards. Every time you perform this trick, you will use one card. Included in the deck are 16 double facer Queen of Hearts/King of Hearts, 7 Eight of Diamonds/Four of Hearts, 7 Four of Clubs/Six of Diamonds, 7 Three of Hearts/Two of Spades, 17 Ace of Hearts/Two of Hearts and two Bicycle rider backed double backers (one red and one blue). The Queen/King cards are clearly for couples in love, engaged or just married. The Ace and Two of Hearts also fit that bill. The other cards referenced above have a nice contrast to it and work in other situations. These cards were picked because they have room for the spectators to sign their name across the faces.

At the time of the writing of this review the deck of cards costs $19.99. which means that each performance costs you 37 cents. Not a bad price for an amazing miracle!

This legendary trick is available at your favorite Murphy's Magic retailer.

This is a Grand Slam card trick and gets a perfect score!

For more reviews go to
Rudy Tinoco

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I got this and agree with your fantastic review. Thanks Stuart!

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Inner Circle
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This is SUCH a good trick.  I saw it performed for a couple celebrating their anniversary, and they were blown away.  The emotional reaction this trick can generate is massive!

The video instructions are actually being given away for free, courtesy of Kozmo Magic and Murphy's Magic.

Scroll down that page, which will bring you to a link to the tutorial videos [ link ].

Here's the Doc Easton performance of the effect:

And the Garrett Thomas version:

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Mike Powers

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I just recently checked out the tutorial at Reel Magic. I really like Doc's handling and, in fact, used it at a recent wedding reception gig. The bride and groom LOVED it. The use of a DBer really makes Doc's handling extremely natural.

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