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**Posting on behalf of Brett Hurley** 

"The Imagine Nation Project" -Review by Brett Hurley 

I always find it interesting to watch or read about a particular magicians working repertoire. Its interesting, peering into the mind of another magician. What's best is that there are always hidden gems amongst their work. 

Enter the work of Michael O'Brien, in the form of The Imagine Nation Project. 

Before I begin, I will say that when Mr. O'Brien first announced The Imagine Nation project on the boards, I could have sworn he said it was going to be 17 pages with routines he hasn't released in the Marketplace. Needless to say, when I came into possession of The Imagine Nation Project, I surprised to find that not only was I dead wrong about it being 17 pages, I was 111 pages dead-wrong. 

So what we're looking at here is 111 pages of Mr. O'Briens working repertoire--in BOOK form! My favorite! 

Now, if you are curious as to what some of Mr. O'Brien's magical work entails, check him out on the Marketplace, as some of those tricks show up in the book. 

The book itself is organized very nicely with great quality pictures and very detailed explanations of how to perform his works. Everything from what the effect is, the set-up, and the explanation. Each effect ends with notes from Mr. O'Brien detailing inspirations and how the particular trick came into being. 

Now, what kind of magic would The Imagine Nation Project have for us? 

The answer: a bit of everything....and then some. 

Let's start with this: If you love card work. Boy are you in for a treat. Right off the bat, I was surprised to see how many tricks actually utilized blank gaff cards. You don't see too many tricks using blank gaffs, and the book provides a few of them. 
Another couple favorites of mine happen to be a version of the 'Oil and Water' plot inspired by one-handed magic legend Rene Lavand. Another trick I thoroughly enjoyed was 'Do As You Want', which has an interesting plot to where the magician selects a card and a member if the audience predicts THAT card by snagging the matching card from a separate deck. 

Now, if you want some variety, the book features tricks using: coins, rings, a chop cup, Pokemon cards, rope, sponge balls, and even (get ready for this) a rose. 

Yes, an actual rose with petals and thorns type of rose. And it's a fun one. 

All the tricks have quite a lot of 'imagination' put into them and definitely worth the read. 

The book can be picked up on Michael O'Brien's website for $24.95
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