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External link to review:

$40 // skill level EASY

An amazing new mystery tube effect! Easy to do! Fits in your pocket! Great reactions! Perfect for kids, parlor and close-up magic. 

Effects You Lean : 

1. Magically change all the M&M's into the same color while inside the tube! 

2. Magically reveal exactly how many M&M's the spectator is secretly holding in their hand, as well as the colors! 

3. Magically change all the M&M's into the same color inside the spectator's hand! 

4. Fill the tube with magic, causing the M&M's to rise from bottom to top, and to fill the tube completely. 

What you get in the box:

  • 1 M&M's plastic tube
  • 2 special white printed silks
  • 1 gimmick
  • 1 online instructional video
  • 4 bonus effects



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