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REVIEW: The Twixter by Trigger Magic

RATING: 2.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW:  When I saw Twixter, I was looking forward to an off-beat, somewhat zany, gimmick with some funny routines.  Boy, was I disappointed.  Basically, Twixter is a fake Twix candy bar that has the reveal card etched into the bottom of the fake candy bar. You get 2 Twix bars with different cards and a link to a 9 minute instructional video.


The instructional video barely teaches a routine and spend most of the short 9 minutes is spent teaching some card handling moves i.e. a card force.  I would much have preferred to see some routining for this unusual magic gimmick.  Perhaps some routines where you remove the Twix from a wrapper and maybe some clever patter.  Nothing of the sort accompanies your $24.95 purchase.


Unfortunately, my criticism doesn’t end there.  The 2 Twix bar gimmicks, while they look like very shiny Twix bars, are smaller than your usual size Twix bars so the gimmick fails there too.  Also, the 2 bars that I received have bits of white on the reveal side (the bottom of the bar) that makes it look very fake.  In order to remedy this issue, I tried to go over the white dots with Sharpie, but because it seems to have been coated with some sort of polymer coating, it didn’t really hide the white chipping.  I am not motivated enough to go out and try and find the right material to fix this and this trick will go right to the bottom of the drawer.


Even if you did not have the defective issues that I have, when you reveal the name of your card etched into the candy bar, you cannot allow the candy bar to be handed out because it will be immediately be seen and revealed as a fake candy bar.  


Some brilliant magician somewhere is using the TWIXter and killing with it, I am sure of that.  I just wonder who it is and if they will share their wacky ideas.


This whole thing just doesn’t make sense to me and I cannot recommend this product for anyone. 


For those with budding ideas, this product can be found at any Murphy's Magic dealer.

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