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REVIEW:  The Zodiac by Vernet Magic
RATING: 9.5 out of 10
FULL REVIEW:  The Zodiac by Vernet Magic, starring Michel, is a fantastic mentalism product.  This has everything you need to take a show on the road.  The 41 page small spiral Zodiac book is portable (3 inches by 4 and a quarter inches). You can do a book test.  You can divine someone’s zodiac sign.  You can guess the day of the month that a spectator was born and you can guess a playing card that has been assigned to the spectator’s birthday.

With your purchase you get the book, a 2 page pamphlet with quick and easy instructions and a link to a 17 minute downloadable demonstration and instructional video.  First, the book is made of excellent thick card stock.  It is very small and very well designed.  It is packed with so much stuff in it that you likely won’t use everything this book has to offer in one setting.  This book is great for walk-around and strolling gigs for professional magicians and it is excellent for hobbyists at a party.  The thing about doing this trick is that you can’t really do it to your friends because they will not be so amazed if you guess their birthday and zodiac sign since you already know that information.  Use it on friends of friends at a party.

The performance is delivered excellently by Michel of Vernet Magic to an audience of 3, each sitting in their own chairs.  Unlike what you will experience (unless you buy this trick 3 times), he hands out 3 books; one to each spectator.  He then easily and impressively guesses information about the spectators that he could not possibly have known.  He leaves no clues as to how he was able to read their minds.  He also divines a random word selected by the spectator from 19 pages of text.   The performance is a bit more than 5 minutes and it is captivating.  The instructional portion of the video is clear, but it probably could have been longer giving more detail and discussing real world issues with the performance. 

Although this book is freely handed out and can pass inspection, it is better to do that before the trick and not after.  There is a small amount of memory work, but really very little.  You will need to memorize a simple formula and then you will be off.  I say that 5-10 minutes of playing around with the book and you will be ready to try it out on a friend.  There are built in cheat sheets with super-clever ways to access them so that the spectators will not suspect a thing.  This trick can be repeated instantly as there is nothing to reset.  There are no angles to worry about, unless you use the cheat sheet.

The Zodiac is based upon a prior version of this trick by Eduardo Kozuch called Astrological Sign.  Unlike that product, there is no writing by the spectator in The Zodiac.

This awesome product only costs $25 and it literally enables you to do a full mentalism routine.  With a few spectators, you can do a routine that last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.  I highly recommend this gem of a mentalism routine.  It is easy to learn, easy to perform and elicits amazing reactions.  Your spectators will be stunned.


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