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REVIEW: Tokyo Magic Carnival Vol 1 Secret featuring Ars-Takeshi Taniguchi
RATING: 9 out of 10
FULL REVIEW: Tokyo Magical Carnival has released five DVD’s featuring prominent Japanese magicians.  The series is called “Secret” and Volume 1, reviewed here, features Ars-Takesho Taniguchi. 

This is an excellent project which is taught by Taniguchi in Japanese.  There is an audio English translation that is dubbed into the DVD if you so select, otherwise you will watch the DVD in Japanese.  The translations are excellent and correspond accurately to what you are viewing on the screen.  The camera work is also excellent and makes learning some of the moves, which can be somewhat challenging, easier.

The DVD has an underground feeling as if you are getting an inside glimpse into the exclusive world of the Japanese master magicians.

On this DVD, there are some amazing routines which will require more than basic card handling skills and at least an experienced intermediate level of confidence.  Some of the routines are magician foolers and others will slay lay people and all of them will require practice.  I am particularly impressed with the visual and impressive performance of Cards Across and Jump.  You also learn various sleights, one handed double lifts, a couple of false shuffles and flourishes.

There is also a brief jam session with Taniguchi and Shimpei Katsu who is featured in Volume 3 of this series.

Although this DVD costs $34.95, which is a bit more expensive than your standard magic DVD, there is a ton of quality magic and inside thinking behind that magic that mandates this purchase.  On the balance, I thought that this DVD was excellent and I am looking forward to reviewing the next few volumes.

Now available for viewing on and

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