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REVIEW: Torque by Chris Stevenson and World Magic Shop

RATING: 8 out of 10


FULL REVIEW:  If you are into metal bending, really forks, and want to add a few extra cool steps to your routine, such as a scorpion bend or tine twist, then you should check this product out.  This is not for those wanting to learn a metal bending routine, but instead for performers that already know the ins and outs of cutlery destruction.  It is a great product that is endorsed by Morgan Strebler himself.


With your $65 purchase of Chris Stevenson’s Torque, The World Magic Shop provides you with the very well-made Torque gimmick, some material to help you access and ditch the gimmick during the performance, and a password protected link to an instructional video that is a touch under 40 minutes. 


The instructional video starts off with several live performances to real audiences.  For a product like this, these performances are essential and shows the strength of the effect.  Thereafter, the product is explained and discussed by Chris Stevenson and David Penn.  They discuss the enhancements to Morgan Strebler’s routine, Liquid Metal, but they do not teach the Liquid Metal steps.   The instructional video is good, but I felt that the camera work could have been better for the specific bends and twists that were taught.  In fact, David Penn seemed to recognize that during the video when he instructed Stevenson to turn so it would be more visible.  There should have been close-ups of the specific moves and instances.


What Torque does for you metal benders is that it provides a gimmick to twist and bend tines, which would otherwise be impossible.  In order to do that, you need to access the Torque gimmick.  With a bit of misdirection, you access the gimmick and do the dirty work and then let the gimmick quickly disappear out of sight, for the next time you need it.  Because of the nature of the gimmick, it is recommended that you wear a jacket when performing.  It is necessary to know that the Liquid Metal routine is performed with specially bought forks.


Torque is a great gimmick to supe up any fork bending routine and it is highly recommended. 


Torque can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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