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REVIEW: Unlock by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds

RATING: 8.5 out of 10


FULL REVIEW: Unlock is another Morgan Strebler and SansMinds collaboration.  This 18 minute DVD teaches you how to apparently (and sometimes actually) unlock a spectator’s iPhone by some very cool methods.

This project teaches you 3 routines.  The first two routines use the same method. If you have been trolling around iPhone unlock routines, this may not be totally foreign to you.  Strebler credits Peter Turner for his contribution to the routine.  In the first routine the spectator hands their phone to the performer after unlocking it.  The performer then shows the lock screen, indicating that the phone is locked and asks the phone owner to think of their passcode and mentally transmit the passcode numbers, one at a time.  The performer enters in the code and shows it is amazingly unlocked. 

The second routine starts off the same, but then the performer explains that he has a universal thumbprint and he can unlock any phone with his own thumbprint.  The performer touches thumbs with the phone owner, thereby transferring the owner’s thumb print to the performer, and when the performer touches his thumb to the home button, the spectators can see the phone unlock.  Obviously, this routine does not make sense if the owner does not utilize the fingerprint unlock feature.

The third routine is not a sure fire method.  As a matter of fact you need to have a boldness that runs very deep to try this method.  I for one, will not try this because I don’t think it will work for me.  In fact, Strebler indicates that you may not be successful with this routine because of the method.  He is OK with failing and suggests to just move on to another routine if this does not work for you. 

All of the routines require that you have confidence and are willing to try something that is not easy and self-working.  You need some guts.  Strebler is known for magic that requires you to take a few risks.  The more you practice these routines, the better magician you will become because it teaches you how to perform magic that is not without risk.   To perform these routines, you will most likely need your spectators to stand in front of you or hold the phone very close to your chest.  If anyone is able to see the screen when you are holding the phone the method will be exposed.  There is some audience management required because you need to set something up with their phone in your hand and may need to clean something up (Strebler indicates that he does not do this).

These tricks are not openers or closer, but routines that should be done in between other effects and after you have already established some credibility with your spectators.  Just my opinion. 

The DVD is excellently done and shows snippets of Strebler performing the effects on the street.  Strebler teaches the methods and sometimes further explanatory subtitles are present. 

These are good tricks for slightly intoxicated spectators who will react loudly to the magic.  Although I think the reactions from Strebler’s spectators were a bit over the top, the effect is very strong.

Unlock is a great DVD to teach you how to unlock anyone’s iPhone.  The effect has an amazing impact on your audience and can be done impromptu.  This is highly recommended, especially for those that have no experience with this type of effect.

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