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REVIEW: Unveil by Hyunjoon Kim
RATING: 7.5 out of 10!
FULL REVIEW: Unveil is a double DVD project in which card manipulation master and champion, Hyunjoon Kim, teaches the secrets behind his routine and moves. Also included with the two DVDs are two gimmicks used in the routine for the magi among us that not only bought this project to learn the secrets, but who will to attempt to perform at the highest level.

The first DVD relates to Kim’s card manipulation performance. There are four main chapters; the trailer, the “card basic lecture”, the “card original lecture” and a credits chapter. The trailer is a two and a half minute promo video for the project and is shot with Hollywood quality production. It lists Kim’s awards and prizes for performances and the list is long and impressive, including FISM world champion.

The second chapter, “Card Basic”, is the first substantive chapter and it has seven subchapters each of which teaches a different move. The titles are (1) Single card vanish, (2) One hand fan, (3) Back palm production, (4) Split fan production, (5) Twiring (6) Perfect production, and (7) Tenkai regrip production and picket vanish. Each of these sections show Kim demonstrating the move in a studio setting and then immediately goes into a “lecture” presentation, which is the instructional portion of the video. However, there are no spoken words whatsoever. The camera shots are clear and crisp close ups of Kim’s hands and the moves are explained by showing different camera angles (front and back) while the moves are slowly performed with some graphic overlay, freeze frame and English titles. These subchapters are pretty short; five of them are less than 2 minutes each, one is less than 4 minutes and the last one is less than 5 minutes. While the video reveals the secrets of card manipulation, I think it is lacking because there are no oral explanation of the moves, no discussion or pointers on issues that you may have as you hit the curve on some of the more difficult moves. All the videos are set to music; lounge music for the performances and slow piano new age music for the explanations.

The third chapter, “card original lecture” contains eight subchapters. They are: (1) Double perfect Production, (2) Center of card Production, (3) Eagle Production, (4) Color change twin Production, (5) Rainbow phoenix Production, (6) Four Color change card, (7) Five card spin Twirling, and (8) Hyun Joon's Production. These moves are more challenging to learn and perform and astoundingly visually amazing. These subchapters are equally as short as the prior subchapters, except when it comes to the instruction on how to create the gimmicks, which will require you to but some arts and crafts materials as well as some other props. Everything is easy to understand. The challenging part will be being able to execute the performance which requires high levels of skill. To get there, you will no doubt need unwavering determination and hours upon hours of practice time on a consistent basis.

The second DVD relates only to ball manipulation. Get ready to exercise your fingers! The DVD is structured exactly like the first DVD with the following chapters and subchapters: BALL BASIC: Ball Roll; Basic Ball Vanish; Catch vanish; Two shell routine; Three shell routine; Cross ball routine; Spin ball change routine; Cross ball color change routine; Rainbow color ball routine; Silk ball routine. BALL ORIGINAL: Perfect ball vanishing; Special pivot; Interlock ball Production; Interlock ball color change; Interlock ball color change combo.

This project is priced at $99 (as of the time of the writing of this review) and is appropriately priced to keep this out of the hands of those that are not serious about the art.

Kim has mastered the art of manipulation and Unveil reveals all. Kim’s technical proficiency, dexterity and pure skill is a sight to behold. The production of this project is excellent and it is well worth the investment for those that want to learn the amazing moves of a master.

Unveil and many other amazing products are available at your favorite Murphy's Magic dealer.

Now available for viewing on


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