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Brand new: Ring Off Rope! The video contains the performance and explanation of my ring off rope. The sleight is unique, in that the ring is knotted on the rope, the rope can be pulled, yet the magician is able to not only remove the ring, but the knot vanishes as well! I taught this at our last session—if you missed out, here is your chance to learn it!
I've sold Victorious Triumph and my Cards Across to Meir Yedid, who is one of the nicest magicians I have ever met. He will be releasing these routines along with a brand new card assembly on DVD. When that goes on sale (which will be soon!), they will be removed from my store. If you currently own Victorious Triumph or my Cards Across (All Expense Paid Trip), you will alway have access to the purchase on my site. You just won't be able to purchase them digitally, unless you do it now, before the DVD is released.
I have a special deal if you would like to purchase my brand new Ring Off Rope, Victorious Triumph and Cards Across before the latter two leave the store. Normally, all three would sell for a total of $37.50—but, if you use the discount code TriumphAcrossRing —I'll take $17.50 off—that means that you'll get three incredible routines for just $20!
My cards across alone is worth that! If you don't believe me, just read this quote:
"I can't tell you the first time I ever saw Jim's version of the Cards Across but I can tell you I have used it ever since he shared it with me. It is a modern classic."
—Michael Weber
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