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Jabs Mckee

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I have been watching a lot of documentaries on the mob recently.  One was for Arnold Rothstein.  I remember having a conversation with somebody about John Scarne and that Scarne said he would perform for Arnold Rothstein on a regular basis.  This person also said that Mr. Scarne would often "embellish stories" from time to time.  

I have heard that Harry knew Mr. Scarne and was wondering if he knew the answer to this.  I also remember from "Before I Forget"(I read the "Good Stuff"), that Harry tells a story of performing for wise guys, and reaching into his breast pocket to get a card and he got the attention of all the guys in there.  Harry do have any other stories about performing for these guys??

Harry Lorayne

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Jabs:  No, that's the one story I can tell re: doing card stuff for "wiseguys."  Yes; it's titled "Freeze" in BEFORE I FORGET. I was reaching into my left inside jacket pocket with my right hand to produce a selected card (working for a bunch of guys, most of whom were named Duke!) - and twenty other right hands went into their inside jackets!  I froze! 

     Yes; I hung around with John Scarne for a few years - I've written about that a few times in APOCALYPSE. And yes, John usually did a bit of "embellishing."  I gave him a few items for his book on card tricks (which was written by Ben Braude) - and he credited a couple to different people --- one of them to Milton Berle!!
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