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Rudy Tinoco

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Hi Everyone,

I owe  you all some clarification about how I'm choosing to give our members access into the Session Room.

I set up the system to give our members "Inner Circle" status automatically, when they hit 100 posts. At that point, they also get an email with the password to the Session Room.

I'm keep a close eye on things and watching the interactions that are happening around here and I can tell within about 30 to 40 posts the following things:

1. Whether or not someone is here for the right reasons
2. The level of their knowledge of magic
3. Their ability to communicate their thoughts in a friendly way
4. Their ability to disagree with someone's opinion in a respectable way

In some cases, I've granted access to some of our members before they hit 50 posts, simply because I really feel like they add value to our community.

I'll continue to do so, at my discretion. 

On the other hand, if I (or the moderators) see that someone is approaching the 100 post mark by simply posting non-sense, We'll step in and ensure that they don't automatically get Inner Circle status or the password to the Session Room.

Like you, I want to ensure that we retain the positive, helpful and respectful atmosphere that we've created together at the Magician's Forum.

I hope you're enjoying it at as much as I am!


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