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Hello everyone,

I thought I'd share an idea I've been playing with recently. 

I picked up a really cute deck of snap cards. There are 4 of each card totalling 52. So I was trying to work out some tricks I could do with them, most of my ideas were about the 4 matching cards (spectator finds 4 mates, I remove 3 predictions and they freely select the missing mate, etc), so it didn't feel like there was much variety. 

The deck also came with an instructions card. It explained how to play snap. 

Now I'm a huge fan of the 10 card poker plot. But most of the people I perform for don't know about poker, so I don't really perform it. So I had this idea of creating a game called Snap Poker and getting a matching instruction card printed which explains the rules. 

Essentially since 10 card poker only deals with sets of mates (pair, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, full house) you could play 10 card poker using a set of pairs cards (since the value doesn't matter at all). 

The instruction card would explain that the aim is to collect MORE complete sets than the other players and list the rank in hands.

I'm thinking it could be a lot less confusing than talking about poker, as they don't need to consider the value, nor other hands such as flush, straight etc. 

Let me know what you think,


P.S. If anyone has any other suggestions for routines which could work well with snap cards, then please let me know :-D

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