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I was thinking today, I have quite a few books on methods, routines, and the thought process on why the routine is structured the way it is, but I don't know if I have any books or resources on how to put together an actual show. I have put together my own shows in the past, but I've learned mainly from talking to other magicians and studying other professional acts, and I was just wondering if you all know of some books that talk to how to structure a magic show?

I guess what I'm looking for would be a book that would talk about what type of trick you should start out with to open your show, whats good for a middle, what type of things you should look at for a finale. I know Tarbell has some good material on this, but I don't own my own copy of it, just have glanced through someone else's copy once or twice. 

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Greg, I know of no single book that really covers it all.  Instead, I'll link some things that are good reads and worth thinking about.  Maybe someone here knows of a tome that meets your needs.

On sale now for under ten bucks...

I also found several video resources free online

Home you find some nuggets in here!
arthur stead

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Hi GregB, I have some ideas, but first:  

What kind of show are you developing?  Stand-up or sitting at a table?  Close-up or parlor magic?  Something suitable for children’s birthday parties, or adult shows?  Family entertainment or educational programs?  Or a fully fledged theater variety show with colorful props, lights and music?  

Plus, what’s your onstage persona?  Funny, mysterious, self-effacing, serious, cheerful or dark?  Will you have an onstage assistant?  Will you be seen as accomplishing the magical miracles, our will your audience members be perceived as “making the magic happen?”  And finally, are you planning to do magic or mentalism?  

All these details will help me in advising how to structure your show.

James Chartier

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Good topic to talk about...for me I think you first need to know who you are and what kind of character you are trying to represent in your show...will you be you...or do you want to be a character of some sorts...once you have that, the show may just fall in place for you...  for starters in a show...a flash opening is usually a good way to go, you enter the stage and bam!  You do about 2-3 minutes of quick get their attention magic...followed by a quick intro into your next piece, a good place to put in a comedy piece if that is you.

Is there a performer or style that interests you?  study some of their movements (don't steal them) but maybe rearrange them abit....and actually it takes months to even years to find your character and to have a program that represents who you are...try putting a few shows together, record them, invite a few magic friends to critic it and that will actually bring you closer to your goal.  hope this helps.

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