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Inner Circle
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So, in the early hours of Thursday September 19 a dark colored 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up to Dan Sperry's private warehouse door. 

A man got out and broke the deadbolt of his front door and entered where he proceeded to start packing his Jeep with as much of Dan's stuff as he could fit and took off. 

Not long after he returned with an accomplice who appeared to be female.  They entered and continued to burglarize Dan's warehouse and destroy, trash and vandalize as much as they could inside.  During the burglary they found the spare key to his van and then with his van loaded up as well they stole everything else.  

Dan lost his one man act, lighting and sound equipment, magic, his awards, and all his computers that run his lights and sound. 

Dan has a GO FUND ME to help him get back on his feet:

And there you can learn more about the details of the robbery

If you know your magic history, so much of the early years of magic was about magicians "stealing" tricks and acts from other magicians. There are some who perform other magicians’ material; others don’t just take the tricks; they take the whole routines—the lines, the timing, the movement. Sometimes they even steal proprietary illusions and the acts that make people famous.

Dan has very literally had his act stolen, to the point that now he can't perform. 

This is our chance to show that we are a family - and to come alongside a brother and restore him. To write a new page in magic history, this time by giving back.

Even if you can't donate - help spread the word in your magic circles. 

Thank you



Anthony Vinson

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Thanks for posting this here, David. I'm sure many members will want to help out in whatever ways they are able.

Senor Fabuloso

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Was he insured? Or the storage facility?

Edit, OK looks like he says some things were insured some things weren't.

Ideological bigotry, has no place in an atmosphere of creative thinkers. Only limited individuals, suffer from this affliction. They matter not but pose serious threats, to others. BEWARE!
Robin Dawes

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It's horrible to be the victim of a burglary.  This one in particular seems such a bizarre, targeted crime: almost as though the thieves wanted to hurt Dan Sperry, rather than profit from the burglary ... otherwise why steal his awards, and why steal his magic?

I'm glad to be able to contribute to Dan's fund-raiser.
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