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I have been working at Dave's Killer Magic Shop this Summer. Such a great experience to work behind the counter of a brick and mortar magic shop! All walks of life come in to either browse or purchase...a couple of weeks a go a television celebrity and his son came in to enjoy the "best magic shop they have ever been to"! 

After I close the place I browse the huge selection of used books that have accumulated over the years.

Yesterday I found, and purchased, "The Magic Hedonists' Brainstorm in the Bahamas".

This morning I began a casual flip of the pages to look it over. To my surprise it has been autographed to the original owner by none other than Daryl. A bittersweet discovery to say the least.
Stevie Ray

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Congratulations on that find!

I visited Dave's with Rudy back in October, just a few weeks after Daryl lectured there. It is a wonderful shop and I encourage all who read this to support this particular type of endangered species.

There is something to be learned from the demonstrator's perspective. Last month, I helped a friend work his table at the San Diego Penguin Expo. Standing behind the counter and observing the wanton, hungry-eyed bunch on the other side really prompted me to examine the zombie-monkey on my own back... Moments later, however, I handed $100 to Michael Weber for a pamphlet about half the size of Mao's Little Red Book.

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I own that book and unfortunately it is not signed by Daryl...

While I flip through its pages and see the pictures of the Hedonists having fun in the Bahamas I always wondered what it would be like to live that kind of life... Magical and fun I guess...

Around 2 or 3 months after Daryl passed away, his wife posted on Facebook some pictures and one or two of them were from that trip and they were not published in the book.

Magic is Within...
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