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Hello friends,

I’m writing from Las Vegas.

Yesterday, I attended an extraordinary event. Penn and Teller hosted a beautiful memorial for Johnny In their theater at the Rio.

The first time I visited the Magic Castle, 30 years ago, The Great Tomsoni slayed me. Last year, I saw Johnny in the close up room. If there ever was a better cups and balls presentation, I have not seen it. Afterward, I spent the remainder of the evening sitting with Howard Hamburg, Paul Vigil and Johnny.

Johnny could not have been more friendly and engaging.

That evening, Johnny performed and demonstrated several unpublished Charlie Miller ideas at our table. He and his wife, Pam, had opened their Glendale home to Charlie Miller in the last year’s of his life.

About a month ago, I went to visit Paul Vigil in Las Vegas. Paul and Johnny had become constant companions. I’ve visited with them at a broken wand ceremony for Gary Darwin. Johnny was delighted to talk about jazz. He was an accomplished musician and a founding member of the Harmonicats.

Though only met him twice, I must say, he made me feel like I was the only person in the room. He was genuine, enthusiastic, lively and full of love.

As you can imagine yesterday’s ceremony was packed and star-studded. Eulogists included David Copperfield, Lance Burton, a loquacious Teller, a very somber Penn.

When it comes time to lay me to rest, I doubt I’ll fill up a theater that size… But I do hope there’s just as many laughs and F bombs.

Later that evening I hung with Paul Vigil, Jared Kopf, Mike Pisciotta, Daniel Garcia, Bizarro, Rocco and Nick Lewin at a party hosted by the Larsen Family.

I know that’s a lot of name dropping but I had to tell someone. I never would’ve had this experience if it wasn’t for Johnny Thompson.

Penn and Teller closed the memorial with the announcement of the new website, Soon there will be a full video of the memorial service postedand everyone in attendance was encouraged to share the website and share their own remembrances of Johnny.
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