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This is a lovely self-contained double prediction effect from Liam Montier and Kaymar Magic.

The magician places a red envelope onto the table and leaves it in full sight. He then shows six mini, full colour, posters - each of which holds the image of a legendary magician - and slides each into its own black envelope.
These envelopes are then handed to the spectator and are thoroughly mixed. The magician then removes and shuffles a deck of cards and allows the spectator to select one of the black envelopes and insert it into the deck.
The spectator is reminded that they had a free choice of envelope, from a pile they had mixed, and had a free choice of where to place the envelope, thereby selecting a card. Two random selections.
The magician then says that they will conclude the trick in the style of the magician contained in the randomly selected envelope.
The black envelope is opened and the selected magician is revealed.
The effect then winds up with the red envelope being opened to reveal not only a match on the mini-poster but also that the playing card was accurately predicted.

What do you get?
When you purchase The Man Who Knows, you receive 6 beautiful colour postcard sized posters on top quality card stock, six black envelopes, one red envelope and an A4 sized poster for the reveal. The package also contains full written instructions which are clear and concise, together with a youtube link that takes you to a performance and an instructional video from Liam.

When would you use this?
This effect would be great for table-hopping, although it certainly could not be repeated to the same audience. The reset is as close to instant as you can get, as it simply invovles popping the chosen postcard back into its envelope. I can also see this being usesd as a "can you show me something" type of effect. The fact it is not 'yet another card trick', is also a bonus.

Skill level
The Man Who Knows is essentially self-working, giving you the freedom to focus on presentation. As Liam says in his tutorial, this is an effect that can be performed seriously or more lightly with some humour. The only 'move', if you can call it that, is so simple it isn't really a move at all.

Production Quality
This is a well made product using the best quality materials. You obviously have to provide your own deck of cards and over and above that, what you are actually getting are the posters and the envelopes. As mentioned previously, these are fantastic quality and should last a very long time, handled with care. As handling is minimal too, a long time means a long time.

At a cost of just £15, you really can't go wrong. Everything that Liam puts out is practical, workable and of top quality. This is no different. You also get first class customer service from someone who is not only a really lovely fella but is also passionate and takes pride in what they do.

You can see a performance of this effect on the Kaymar website, here:


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