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So, As I said last time, I love the oil and water effect, for me, his best advantage is his simplicity and how easy is to adapt to your style. In my case, my first contact with effect was the version of Rene Lavand. "No se puede hacer más lento". But the first that I practise was the mini oil and water. A version of an a Spanish book.

Since six years I studied the effect. I tried to make an essay about the routine, not only the history but also the effect, structure and versions. This will be the introduction to the essay. First of all, I have not read every version that is for the effect, this trick has more heads than the hydra. So sometimes I will talk about the most important ones that I SAW and maybe are not the original version. Also, I will express my opinion of some routines and I tend to be quite direct in my opinions, so sorry if you do not agree I would love to argue with you here.
So the parts of this article are:
1) introduction
2) Definition of the effect
3) History
4) Analisis where I talk about the number of cards, how odd are, the ends of the routine, methods... the fun part.
5) Conclusions.

And I will try to put all the references in APA. sorry, I am a student and I have to put everything in APA.

So. Do you like the concept? the first part will appear soon. Also, please if something you do not understand maybe is because my English is not so good. Sorry in advance if your eyes start to bleed. 

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Looking forward to reading and learning from you!  


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looking forward to it.
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