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Is there a routine that floored you so hard you don't even really want to know how on earth...??
This is mine, I LOVE it, and I don't have the beginning of a clue, nothing, nada!

Do you have one?
Stevie Ray

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I really enjoy open prediction and think-a-card.

When an effect amazes me, stuns me, fools the pants off me... my reaction has not changed since I was three years old… I don’t need to know how it’s done… I just want to see more great magic!

I should add, my favorite part of the opener is when the spectator throws the giraffe back onstage.

Oftentimes, a spectator reaction can get the biggest laugh of the night… Helder had the time and opportunity to surreptitiously affix the folded 10 of hearts to the giraffe and toss it back. Or ask the spectator to join him onstage. After a bit of time misdirection, Helder would’ve had a freaking miracle in his hands.

Not to derail your thread, but I do think it’s important to nurture the ability to seize the moment. Not every spectator is going to chuck the stuffed animal back on stage… But the next time it happens...

“Poor Geoffrey! First, his toy store goes bankrupt and now he’s humiliated centerstage at a Ted talk... Sir, do you mind coming up here and apologizing, not just to Geoff here... but to all licensed cartoon animal mascots.”

When the ‘volunteer’ finds his thought-of card Paper clipped to the giraffe’s neck tie… BOOM! The house comes down!

Back to the topic at hand...this wide-eyed kid saw Harry Blackstone Jr. perform zigzag a dozen times on TV. I should’ve been asking “how?”... Instead, I wished for more magic.
Senor Fabuloso

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If my feelings, after seeing a trick done was to want to know how it was done, then I woldn't think it was very good. I want to know how to solve puzzles.

What I want from all magic (my own included) is to feel, something from it.

Ideological bigotry, has no place in an atmosphere of creative thinkers. Only limited individuals, suffer from this affliction. They matter not but pose serious threats, to others. BEWARE!
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