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Wesley James

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01I'll PassCover.jpg 

I’ll Pass


Wesley James has been seriously analyzing, studying, and improving the Pass for well over 50 years. In this volume his efforts are fully revealed for the first time.


When other magicians, even experts, have witnessed Wesley perform many of his treatments of the Pass, they’ve been incredulous. They simply can’t believe the Pass, any Pass, can be as invisible as they are in Wesley’s hands. Now, in this large volume, you can learn these invisible, indetectable Passes, as well as the most deceptive Shift that can be performed at the card table, including the legendary “Ping Pong Shift.”


You’ll need to practice these techniques, but you can be assured that your efforts will yield the Passes and/or Shifts you have always desired. The choice is yours, spend uncounted hours trying to learn to perform a Pass that may or may not ever create the result you’ve been striving for or study Wesley’s discoveries and attain the finest, most deceptive Passes ever developed.


There has never been a book that even approached being comprehensive in examining the Pass. There was Jean Hugard and Fredrick Braue’s Invisible Pass, but, despite the contribution it made, it fell short of its goal. Wesley has fixed the problems with the Hugard and Braue technique, which now, for the first time, can be performed both invisibly an indetectably. If that was all you learned in the pages of this volume, it would be invaluable, but it barely scratches the surface.


The Classic Pass has been described innumerable times in magic’s literature, dating back at least to the mid-18th century, but, although Ralph Read did a commendable job in describing the correct technique, even his description had serious short-comings. Wesley has identified those weaknesses and corrected them, thus creating not one but several variations of the Classic Pass that are designed for the specific kinds of situations you are most likely to encounter. Each is described in full detail in the pages of this volume.


If Gambling demonstrations are your favorite area of pursuit, after reading the pages of I’ll Pass you’ll be able to perform the legendary “Ping Pong Shift.” I’m not talking about the Vernon theory, as shared with Faucett Ross, but the real “Ping Pong Shift.” The technique is so deceptive it could get by without question in even the strictest card game.


I’ll Pass includes well over 350 pages of Wesley’s celebrated detailed descriptions, commentary and the secrets that make Wesley’s Passes among the most invisible in the long history of magic. Available now at just $60 USD. 

Pre-release price for Magicians Forum members is $50 for ebook version only

Wesley James

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Release is expected by December 15th

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Hi Wesley, is this an actual book or an e-book only? It sounds very comprehensive.

Inner Circle
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Hello Magicfish and everyone! This past October I had the fortunate opportunity to actually session with Wesley as he demonstrated the basics of his unique approach for the classic pass — I can tell you first hand that it ABSOLUTELY invisible — his techniques make the pass virtually impossible to detect from any angle. I’m sure this book will be very worthwhile and it is definitely on my Christmas list! — johnny
Rudy Tinoco

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We spent some time talking about the pass at our little session. It sounds like this may be a great resource for David and others who are interested in this pretty difficult move.



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So it’s a real Hardcover Johnny?

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Magicfish — I fully appreciate (and agree with!) your love of hardcopy books — but I am not sure if this is in hardcopy format or not; I am sure about the effectiveness of Wesley’s handling/method for the pass, however. If necessary, I’ll go with the ebook and print up pages as I work my way through it. Hopefully Wesley will respond to this thread in the near future— johnny
Wesley James

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To all that asked,
      Thank you for your kind words reporting your experience in viewing my Pass. I'm not sure how many of the versions of the Pass I showed you, but all the Passes I demonstrated at the gathering were Passes from the book. I think all those who invest the time into learning the techniques from the book will be very pleased with the results. 

The economics of the magic publishing business would require that a book of this size and scope would be priced at roughly $125 per copy. A book addressing a subject as technically sophisticated as the Pass would need a price tag of $150+, not including shipping cost. Thus, to keep the price as low as possible, avoid the cost of inventory and shipping, I'm publishing my books as ebooks. Their are a number of companies online that can convert a pdf file into a hardcover book for those who so desire. This process, of course, has a cost, but for those who are seriously devoted to physical books--an attitude close to my heart--it may be worth the cost. For most, the information will be available and can be studied as needed.

For those who are simply book collector or are die-hard hardcover book fans, some of the print-on-demand services should meet their needs. In any case, thank you all for your interest.

    Wesley James
Wesley James

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Well, I've done it. I'll Pass is now available. The full Table of Contents follows:

                                                    Table of Contents

Introduction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1
Overview~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2
Mechanics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2
Frames and Covers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3
The Classic Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4
Classic Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5
ERDNASE ON THE SHIFT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5
Erdnase on the Two-Handed Shift (Classic Pass) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6
WJ on Erdnase on the Classic Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7
The Braue Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9
Bertram on the Two-Handed Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12
WJ on Bertram on the Two-Handed Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15
THE RALPH READ PASS DESCRIPTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16
The Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16
The Regular Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16
WJ on the Read Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 19
Classic Pass Variants~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20
THE DR. ELLIOTT PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 21
Dr. Elliott’s Presentation for the Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 22
The Rubber Band Version~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23
The Weyer Version~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 24
VERNON ON THE CLASSIC PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 26
WJ on Vernon on the Classic Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 29
THE FRED BLACK PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 31
Marlo on the Black Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 33
WJ on the Fred Black Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 36
Jennings’ Circle Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 37
THE FRANK THOMPSON PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 39
The Thompson Tilt Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 39
The Preliminary Moves~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 41
The Interchange of Packets~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 43
Concluding Observations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 46
SPRONG’S HINGE PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 47
WJ on the Sprong Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 48
DR. ELLIOTT’S RIFFLE PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50
Fred Robinson’s Riffle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 52
WJ on the Robinson Riffle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 54
THE TAYLOR ELIAS JIGGLE PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 55
The Jiggle Pass and Variations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 55
The Jiggle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 56
The Riffle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 58
The Peek Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 58
The Passless Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 59
DINGLE ON THE PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 62
Dingle’s Yeoman Service Riffle Pass ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 63
Dingle’s Stroboscopic Riffle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 67
The Dingle Silent Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 69
Dingle’s Silent Half Jiggle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 71
FROM ENCHANTMENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 72
The WJ Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 74
The WJ Edge Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 76
The WJ Squeeze Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 78
The WJ Pivot Side-Jiggle Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 80
The WJ Diagonal Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 81
The WJ Automatic Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 83
The WJ Twist Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 85
The Technique~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 90
The Grip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 88
The Action~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 89
The Rejoin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 90
The Albright Covered Twist Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 94
Cover Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 96
The Burgess Top Card Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 97
The Walton/Robinson Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 98
Technique for the Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 98
The Gravity Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100
A “Gravity” Approach with the THC Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 104
The THC Gravity Switch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 104
Ghastine/James/Thompson Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 106
The Ghastine Pre-set~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 106
The James Pre-set~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 107
Pass Covers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 110
Bottop Dribble Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 111
WJ’s Thumb Under Dribble Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 113
Tommy Tucker Pass Stratagem~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 115
Summary of Top to Bottom Pass Covers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 116
Where We’re Headed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 116
Learning to Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 117
Learning to Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 118
This Too Shall Pass (Bottom to Top Passes) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 127
Bottom to Top Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 128
THE HOFZINSER PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 129
The Original Roterberg/Herrmann Pass Description~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 129
WJ on Roterberg’s Misattribution of the Herrmann Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 132
WJ on Roterberg’s Description of the Hofzinser Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 133
The Houdini Card Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 135
The Fingertip Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 137
Hugard & Braue’s “Invisible Pass” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 141
The Mechanics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 143
Recap~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 148
Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 149
Daley’s Turn-Over Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 151
THE DALEY TURN-OVER PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 152
WJ on the Daley Turn-over Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 155
Le Paul’s Invisible Turn-over Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 156
The Importance of the Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 156
Le Paul’s Invisible Turn-over Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 157
Le Paul’s Invisible Turn-over Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 158
WJ on the Le Paul Handling~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 162
A Flourish and a Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 163
No Flourish but a Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 164
WJ on Le Paul’s Flourish and a Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 166
The WJ Spread Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 166
The Unspread Spread Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 168
The WJ “Invisible Pass” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 171
Bottom to Top Pass Covers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 175
Hofzinser Pass Covers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 176
Olram’s Bobble Cover~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 178
The Snap Pass ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 181
The Work~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 182
Sleeve Pull Cover~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 184
Another Sleeve Pull Cover~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 185
Midnight Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 187
Steve Draun’s Midnight Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 187
WJ on the Midnight Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 190
Bottom Flash~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 192
A Bottom to Top Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 193
THE TAN HOCK CHUAN PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 194
Covering the Top Card Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 195
The Tan Hock Chuan (THC) Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 195
The Marlo THC Top Card Cover Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 196
Tabled Passes and Shifts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 198
The Tabled Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 199
Vernon and WJ on Table Shifts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 201
First Method~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 201
Second Method~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 203
Mexican Joe’s Table Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 204
WJ on Mexican Joe’s Table Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 205
Charlie Miller’s Table Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 207
WJ on Charlie Miller’s Table Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 209
A Table Pass – By Edward Marlo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 211
Variations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 214
Marlo Passes — Tabled and Otherwise~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 216
Cardician’s Mind Keeps Working~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 216
Tabled Tilt Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 218
THE REAL PING PONG SHIFT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 220
Bottom Stock Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 221
BRJ Tabled Shrift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 223
Discovering the Ping Pong Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 226
The Ping Pong Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 227
One-Handed Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 228
One-Handed Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 229
THE ERDNASE ONE-HAND SHIFT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 230
WJ on the Erdnase Shift, One Hand~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 232
The Vernon/Erdnase One-Handed Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 233
Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 235
Marlo’s Two-Hand version of Vernon’s One-Hand Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 237
The WJ/Erdnase One-Handed Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 240
Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 241
The Diamond Shift Stratagem~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 243
THE CHARLIER PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 246
Erdnase on the Charlier Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 246
WJ on Erdnase’ Description of the Charlier Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~ 248
Charles Bertram on the Charlier Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 249
WJ on the Neil/Bertram Charlier Pass Description~~~~~~~~~~~ 251
Expert Card Technique on the Charlier Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 251
Marlo on the Charlier Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 254
Packet Exchange Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 259
Packet Exchange Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 260
The Finger Palm Pass Improved~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 261
WJ’s Finger Palm-less Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 263
The H & B Point and Rejoin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 264
The Side Steal Rejoin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 264
The Free-Turn Rejoin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 264
THE ZINGONE TABLE PASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 265
WJ’s Zingone Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 266
The Slydini Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 268
WJ Body Orientation Notes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 271
The Free Turn Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 275
Mechanics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 272
Low Lateral Palm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 274
The Rejoin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 274
Fingertip Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 275
Fingertip Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 276
The Flesh Grip Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 277
The Jog Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 279
Don’t Pass Me By (Novel Passes) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 281
Novel Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 282
Marlo’s Unconventional Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 283
First Method~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 283
Second Method~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 284
The Anomalous Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 286
The Action~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 286
The MHJ Swivel Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 289
The Fuentes Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 291
The SWE Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 293
WJ on the SWE Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 295
The Berg Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 298
Joe Berg’s Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 298
The WJ Double Reverse Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 299
Cervon’s Invisible Center Reverse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~300
The Gordon Bruce Drop Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 301
The Open Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 304
The Open Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 304
WJ on the Open Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 305
The Open Shift as a False Cut~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 307
The Open Shift as Packet Switch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 309
The Erdnase Open Shift as a Switch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 309
The Longitudinal Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 311
The Longitudinal Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 311
WJ on the Longitudinal Shift~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 313
Effects and Routines~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 315
My Ambitious Card Routine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 316
The Moveable Card Pass~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 318
Coming Up in the World (A.K.A The Load Up Move) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 321
The WJ Side Steal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 325
The Simulated Shuffle - A Palm Cover~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 330
The James Palm Transfer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 330
The Speed Load – A Wallet Loading Technique~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 331
Bored With Triumph (A Marlo Variant) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 333
The Chang Change~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~335
Mini Collectors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 341
The WJ Riffle Force~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 342
Optional Touches~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 343
No Double Double~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 343
Peek Force~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 343
Random Selection~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 344
Siamese Shuffle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 345
Siamese Shuffle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 345
Method I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 346
SympathOrder (Optional Phase) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 348
Method II~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 349
Method III~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 350
Method IV – Cold Deck~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 350
The Lorayne Approach~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 352
Stand-up Transposition~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~355
Just Passing Through~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 357
Half-Passed Malini~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 359
Everywhere and Everywhere (Etude for Spread Pass) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 363
Visual Retention Change~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 364
The Le Temps Change~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 365
The Allerton Move~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 366
The WJ Invisible Pass Reverse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 367
The Elliott Change~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 368
Alternate Opening~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 369
Ending One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 370
Ending Two~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 370
Ending Three~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 370
Rumba Display~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 371
Back-Right Bottom Deal–DLSwitch (BRBD-DLS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 372
The Flushtration Display~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 373
The Cornered Flushtration Display~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 374
The KISS Display~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 375
In Passing (The Most Important Pass Secrets) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 376
Screen, Frame and Cover~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 377
Index~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 376
Bibliography - Videography~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 382

Rudy Tinoco

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Hi Wesley,

Do you happen to have any video demos of any of the passes that are taught in your book?


Wesley James

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   Sorry, not at this time. I'm recovering from a thumb injury, so I can't do much of anything. When I've recovered, which could be a month or more, I might try to make some videos, but those who attended the Danny Block gathering, back in October, got to see me demonstrate some of the Passes I teach in the book. They were astounded that I could possibly being performing various forms of the Pass. I'll let you know if/when I can make some videos.

       Take care,

            Wesley James

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