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A few random thoughts on the power of sessioning.

I wonder how many you actively get together with other magicians to "session"?  Sessioning is probably the most powerful way to improve your magic and develop lasting friendships.

Recently, the Kingston Area Order of Sorcerers (KAOS) started reconnecting after a long hiatus at a local pub once a month or so, to jam and have a good, old fashioned magic chin wag over a sandwich and a beer.  I always learn so much from luminaries like Robin Dawes, Richard Cole and others.  Everyone always brings something to perform.  So the pressure is on not to disappoint. We all come PREPARED with something (okay, I could be more prepared!).  There is always positive, constructive suggestions for improvement (a wealth of knowledge from the assembled magi means someone can always think of an alternative or simplified move).  Then there is a discussion of the origin of a trick, or similar tricks.  At the last meeting I presented Paul Curry's Out of this World which led to a WHOLE bunch of variant presentations.  It was just so much fun.  Mentors/mentee relationships are established, and friends catch up on each others lives.

So my question to the forum is, how many of you get together with other magicians to session?  What do you do when you session?  Are you structured or unstructured?  What's your most memorable session experience.

I have to thank Rudy for organizing the Sessions here on the forum.  They work well, and are a great way to bring people together. I've been an observer for several and there has been fantastic learning from some great magicians.  As an aside, I am supportive of the 100 post rule, and look forward to the day when I earn the right to participate.


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We have a group that initially got together to jam on séances.
It has spread to include bizarre magick in general and whatever we feel like jamming on at the time.
Sometimes it's to critique a show or a show piece that someone wants to present.
The meeting place is a friends "barn" that he converted into a theater space.
He lives in Massachusetts. Others that come by for the 2-4 times a year meetings are from New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut Rhode Island, etc.
The great deal of travel is why we only meet a few times a year.
jim ferguson

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I've never sessioned with other magicians. Apart from my grandfather who passed away when i was 14 years old, I've only ever met one other magician - the owner of my local magic shop. He was very encouraging when I was a kid. I havent seen him since my teens (i dont know if he's still living) and the shop closed years ago.

As a result I am self taught through books. I've been a student of the craft for over thirty years and don't think "going it alone" has hindered me in any way. Ive been an active member at magicbunny for about five years, and was active at talk magic for a few years as well (I rarely post at talk magic these days as its practically dead) - with a couple of thousand posts between the two I have NEVER asked for help with an effect, sleight or routine. Almost every one of my posts is either offers of help or write-ups of my own ideas.
I will be the same on here - I will be happy to help anywhere I can, and will be sharing some of my own effects, sleights and ideas.
I will not however, ask for anything, or for help with effects etc.
Please don't get me wrong here - I am not saying there is anything wrong with folk asking for help, its just that personally I prefer to work on my ideas etc myself.

While on the subject of my grandfather. My grans family stayed in Troon (which while not technically, is classed as part of Ayr). My grandfather was there quite a lot and was an amateur magician. Being around the same age, and hanging around the same town performing magic, there is a good chance he knew, or at least met John Ramsey. As a kid I didn't know who John was so never got around to asking him.


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