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I received an email from Penguin with regard to an effect by Patrick Redford where a card seems to jump while covered with a wine glass.

No threads or magnets. True.

Unfortunately, the timing of the card "jumping" isn't completely under your control. It's a very unique way of creating the illusion of animation. I would've never guessed how he did it. But with that said, the card's movement is somewhat unpredictable. Patrick shares some ways to work with that. I'll mess with this a bit before trying it out on my wife, but I'm not sure that I like that.

There is also a bonus effect where a glass (dangled from a string attached to a stick) makes a little dinging sound without you touching it. A spirit bell.

FYI...the method is not original to Mr. Redford and can be found in Magic and Showmanship. It's a cool little trick and I will be messing with it. It's unlikely that I'll use it, since I can't imagine walking around with a stick. is a creepy little effect.

Interesting stuff, but I'm not entirely sure that it will fit my style.

For $'s not a bad deal.


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