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There seems to be some confusion about the subject of cold reading. The following is just my take on this subject. To me, cold reading means meeting someone you haven't met before and reading them " cold " with no information about them, cold so to speak.

When I read most posts at the green place, a lot of the readers there will say that they " don't cold read " as if the term " cold reading " is a dirty word or something.

What these readers mean to say is that they don't use " stock lines " as if that has something to do with the term "cold-reading. " Using stock lines is part of the cold reading process. And using a stock line has just as much power as the turn of a card or what a single rune means or what a line on the palm means.

I believe these readers use stock lines all the time, but they never admit it.

The following is some books that I can recommend for someone who wants to add a little cold-reading to an effect. I doubt anyone on TMF are interested in being private readers. But, none-the-less..I have included my favorite books on the subject of cold-reading so here goes...

Passages / Gail Sheehy : If you are just interested in embelishing an effect with a little cold reading, this book is for you. There are some "readers" at the green place who say they don't like this book. I have used this book successfully for many years now and have some parts memorized so I can use her life lessons for pretty much for every sitter I read for. It's not as difficult as it sounds. You can get it for cheap at any online bookseller like Amazon and such.

Initialtions /  Alexander Thomas : If I was just starting to learn to do readings, this is the book and cassette tape I would get first. He shows how one can read complete strangers. I did this while taking my lunch at the food cort at a local shopping mall just watching people go by. Also, in the cassette tape there is a example of a man getting a reading from Alexander.

The Tarot Reader's Notebook & The Palm Reader's Notebook / Ron Martin : If your looking to do readings either at a party or, full length private readings, these are the books to get. Ron Martin is the pro's pro. With palm readings I bought a few books on the subject, but found them to be too difficult to learn. With Ron's book..and writing style, he makes learning easy. RIP Ron.

The Dance / Brad Henderson : This is a neat book with a lot of valuable tips and tricks. Brad talks about the importance of working with a system i.e runes, tarot & palms etc and I agree with all that. I wouldn't say that this is a book for someone just starting out. I would get the Passages book first.

Mind Reading / Kenton Knepper :  This book is OOP, but I like it. It's KK best work on cold readings so far.

Invisible Readings & Invisible Tarot / Enrique Enriquez : This is a bold and advanced form of doing readings, because it's so different than anything else I've seen written on the subject of cold reading. What you are doing is giving your reading based on the sitters data points. I don't do it a lot, except for his other e-book Invisible Tarot which is great too! The last time I did Invisible Tarot was in a car, in the backseat mind-you. It went great! In my opinion IT is a lot better than IR, but there are times when I do both . I don't have his other e-book Invisible Gemstones so I can't comment on it. With both IR & IT when you have a major "psychic hit" it's a powerhouse hit. They will think you have "a gift". I would first learn the major arcana of the tarot before attempting to do IT. With IR you just need to step out of your comfort zone, no tarot, or palms needed here..just be a little bold..that's all you need.

Well, there you have it. As Harry would say.."Yah gotta start reading the good stuff!"

That's enough of my rant. Is there a certain book you like? Can you list it for us?


 Stay away from " mediumship " and talking to those who have "passed over"..that's bad karma, you know?

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Derren Brown has an alternate take on how to use cold-reading in his book 'Absolute Magic'.

Kenton Knepper's book 'Mind-Reading' is an informative read, and gives you ways of using this skill in conjunction with your magic - it also addresses readings too. In some ways it is a mish-mash of ideas, but if you read between the lines and think creatively you can figure out a way of using it with your magic.

Enrique's books are thought-provoking and how you apply the information is up to you and how you think about magic...

Ian Rowland's book 'The Full Facts of Cold Reading' is also another useful book to consider. And again with the right mind-set you can apply all of his thoughts to your magic.

Dustin White

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Thanks for such detailed recommendations! As someone with an interest in the subject, it is a daunting field to try and dip a toe into.
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