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I don't know if this belongs here but I had to share... A few months ago on another forum. Daryl (yes that Daryl) had advertised a bunch of VHS tapes for sale at a great price. I contacted him immediately; but sadly someone had purchased the entire collection already.. A few weeks later I received a message from some one asking if I was still interested in some VHS tapes. After a few emails back and forth. this morning I received four (4) boxes of Magic VHS tapes.. 181 on total.....for a fantastic price ....Going through them now..OMG!!!!!!!!! Christmas in June..
Rudy Tinoco

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I'd love to hear about what you've got in that box. I'm sure that it's a treasure trove!



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So you're the lucky guy who scored!
Back in February I immediately contacted Daryl about his post on another forum.
He replied with "One smart customer offered to purchase ALL of the titles that I had remaining and I couldn't refuse!"
If you ever want to sell any, I could dig it.
Here is my VHS Wish List:

New Millennium World Tour Lecture by Daryl (factory sealed!) …$3.00
Stars of Magic volume 9 by Harry Lorayne …$3.00

Easy to Master Card Miracles volume 1 by Michael Ammar …$3.00
Easy to Master Card Miracles volume 2 by Michael Ammar …$3.00
Easy to Master Card Miracles volume 5 by Michael Ammar …$3.00
Easy to Master Card Miracles volume 6 by Michael Ammar …$3.00

The) Art of Astonishment volume 1 by Paul Harris …$3.00

Rules of Thumb volume 1 (Thumbtip handling & Routines) …$3.00
Rules of Thumb volume 2 (Thumbtip handling & Routines) …$3.00
Rules of Thumb volume3 (Thumbtip handling & Routines) …$3.00
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