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Video Review

Nothing is spared. Be More Funny is essential reading for any magicians serious about adding comedy to their acts.

Be More Funny
 includes invaluable information on effectively finding your onstage character as well as tips on writing comedic dialogue and adding it to your routines.

Some of the tricks included are:

    • "Lemon Party." The magician attempts to make a vanished bill reappear inside a lemon, but the results are completely unexpected and hilarious. Magicians who've seen it have called this the best Bill in Lemon ever.

    • "A Cheesy Trick." Worth the price of the book! Hand a package of American cheese slices to an onstage volunteer and receive an automatic onslaught of audience laughter.

    • "Nail-Biter." The traditional Smash and Stab style routine can be dangerous and, frankly, a little anticlimactic. Not this version. Unlike the onstage helper, the audience is in on the secret, fully aware that there is absolutely no danger ... or is there?!

    • "Deck to the Future." The classic Card Story plot updated to focus on the audience, making it far more relatable and interesting than other versions. To top it off, it ends with a shocking kicker to bring a bit of magic to the comedy proceedings.

  • "Vaper Caper." Magicians have Borrowed and Destroyed money, watches, rings, shoes, and all sorts of personal items from audience members over the years. Christopher brings the Borrowed and Destroyed plot into the modern day by bashing a borrowed vaporizer to pieces during a misguided card trick, much to the chagrin of the volunteer and the hysterics of the audience.

Along the way, Christopher also shares forty-two "Card Force and Reveal" ideas to demonstrate the versatility of each trope on the list. Though not scripted, each one is the starting point for a potentially hilarious card routine.



Evan S.

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Come see Christopher and get your book(s) signed at The 3 of Clubs convention, in Seattle. Less than two weeks from today.
Anthony Vinson

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This looks good. Aside from the 41 cards reveals obviously, how much of the content is applicable to closeup?

John Cowne

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On reading this book, I realised that his earlier, ‘Just For Fun’, was the one I should have got - at least first, for my particular interest in kids magic. There is a disclaimer on page 4 of BMF, noting that only a few of his routines would ‘be suitable for audiences with children in attendance’. If that had been a little more advertised, it would have directed me to the other purchase. That’s just with my budgeting/prioritising hat on. That said, the book is everything MagicOrthodoxy reviewed. The ‘comedy tropes’ handle on humorous categories is very helpful. Some examples of the ‘lines’ he gave, I personally wouldn’t use anywhere, anywho, but that’s a call everyone needs to make. I wouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. It’s a good resource on magical humour. No doubt about it, he’s a funny guy with a very effective teaching style. He has the gift of taking some tired routines (Ball and Vase!) and giving some fresh twists. He has a Needle Swallowing illusion (p415) performed by a puppet (accompanied by a cool hand drawn picture). I haven’t told my puppet, Arnie, yet. There’s one routine involving a T-Rex (p230-234) that I’m definitely going to work on.
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