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Buffalo McKinley

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I think I have Mnemonica down for A.A.C.A.A.N.

After all that effort I was thinking that I should also apply that knowledge to another trick.

Please let me know if you have a favorite Mnemonica (or any stacked deck) trick and where I can buy it online (if you know).

Or should I just buy Juan Tamariz's Mnemonica book and go through each trick?



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Do you mean from the book, or using the order? From the book, Mnemonicosis is amazing.  "Everything in Order" is a fantastic closer.  A Star is Born, is awesome.  Outside of the Book, Malones Memory Test is solid... the book Mnemonica is a masterpiece and has a lifetime of mem-deck effects in it, but I would recommend Pit Hartlings "In Order to Amaze" as a fantastic addition to those effects found in mnemonica.  Cheers


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I reccomend obviously reading through Mnemonica, but if you dont have the money to buy that book (because it is expensive), then I reccomend you learn Asi Wind's "Transportation in Three Phases" from his book Chapter 1 as well as playing with the "Human Lie Detector" trick which can be found in numerous publications. I suggest you just watch a YouTube performance of the lie detector trick because you'll figure it out quickly.
Paco Nagata

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Well presented it could be the "perfect" mentalism card trick. Moreover, if you are a bit lucky you can make that card trick a truely inexplicable jaw-dropper trick.

"Flying Through Thin Air" and the "All of a Kind" version with mem-deck are amongs my favourite effects.

"T.N.T." is a truly masterpiece about an impossible location of a card. To me is one of the most impossible location of a card ever conceived. I don't like the original name of the trick, so I never use it for performance; I call it "The Weathervane of Thought" or "The Wind
of Thought."

"Theft of the Century" is a really amazing effect. You can present it in diffent ways. I have my own described in my book.

"Total Memory Routine" and "Weighing the Cards Routine" are classic mem-deck effects. Very magical and funny.

"The Three Piles Routine" is an interesting Tamariz plot about multiple divinations.

"Control in Chaos," a truly gem by Rioboo.

"Prediction" is the most open prediction you can do by the power of a mem-deck.

"ACAAN" clear a direct (no comment)

"Everything in Order" the "killerest" ending effect for a card magic show.
You can create your own way to portray this effect. I have my own describe in my amateur personal book of card magic.

"A Grand Triumph" by Camilo Vazquez is another must see gem. If you love card mmagic you should not die without knowing this effect along with:

"A Predicted Triumph" by Juan Tamariz. Another of my very favoutite effects in Mnemonica book.
By the way, I love the Professor's Triumph version with a named card, as well as any card magic effect done with a named card.

"Exact Location" is another jaw-dropper card (two card) location and divination!
A solution-proof crazy effect.

"Sympathy" is one of the classic mem-deck effect. As easy as amazing if well presented.

"A Card Vanishes Instantly" is an astonish effect based in the classic "Sympathy."

"Spectator Misses Magician Hits" is a very funny and interesting routine.

"A Card and a Number" is other of my favoutite trick of the book. Another solution-proof trick to just amaze your people in good card magic show.

Just to name some of my favourite...

"The Passion of an Amateur Card Magician"
"La pasion de un cartómago aficionado"
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Great list Paco! We share the same taste.

I’d like to add the following routine that i found effective:

They name a card. You dribble the deck and they throw 2 deuces to sandwich one card randomly. It turns out to be the named card (I used one of the Deuce switches in Ed Marlo’s New Tops/MINT 2).

That was a named card, then they think of a card (they peek but I label it as a thought of card), then I go into The gag in Darwin Ortiz’s Last Laugh (Scams and Fantasies), locate the card and load it, and do a clean sandwich appearance on top of the deck while it’s tables.

I also enjoy Darwin Ortiz’s Zen Master, Tamariz’s Magic Lesson, and Michael Close’s version of Invisible deck with ungaffed mem deck with Larry Hass refinements from his excellent book inspirations.

Josh Jay has a very nice quickie in his 2nd at the table lecture (forgot its name) where you find the spectators card and they find yours.
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