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Mind Phantom

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We all know how strong using a "key" card can be. So, I was wondering if we could make a list of some of your favorite effects that use a "key" card.

I know that there are many tricks out there which uses a "key" card, so you can list more than one. I'll start off with a couple:

- 4,5,6 Packet Trick ~ Sal Piacente
- AK-47 ~ John Bannon
- Zodiac ~ Christian Chelman //This isn't magic or mentalism but I really like it. Nor is it mental magick.
                                              Ron Martin didn't like this "effect", but I've had smiles on people's faces
                                              when they left the table. Almost always.
What's yours???


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I don’t know the name of it, but it’s a good go-to trick you can’t mess up, it’s the one where you say, “the next card I turn over will be your card.”
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Stanley is referring to circus trick.


Well a stack deck is a deck of 52 key cards, so i suppose i dont mind a nice stack deck multiple divination what-have-you routine.

i dont find it rare to only use a key card in a routine, often i'll use a key card in combvination with letting them shuffle and then use some measure of sleights. Usually this would entail getting a peek in the moment and then remebering that as the above card of the selection as opposed to controlling it immediatley. 

Daniel Young

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I think it depends on what the definition of "Key Card" is... If it's just straight up "replace your card here" and I place my card above yours and then find it, or if something more elaborate is acceptable.

Emotional Reaction by Vernon, but to me thats more about the key card placement, than the routine itself.

Gemini Twins, which is basically "open" key cards...

Bannon's Dead Reckoning, for a floating key.

I think that key cards become more interesting when we crimp them or mark them in some way. See Hartling's "Finger Flicker" for an example of that.
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