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Hi all,

I have been home from work for the last couple of days (serious sciatica back issue - it sucks!) and have - obviously! - been using some of the time for magic practice. So I have been revisiting some of my card material.

I came up with this idea a while back, when doing some card magic for a friend. I had basically run out of all my effects I had going at the time, but they asked me to do "one more trick". So after a quick brainstorm I came up with this:

(1) The spectator has selected a card. Have them return it to the deck, and control it to third from the top.

(2) Turn over the top card and have the spectator verify that it's not their card. Tell them that since it isn't, you will get rid of it.

(3) Perform an Erdnase change to swap it with the second card. Now it will look like the card has 'traveled into the deck'. You can spread the top of the deck slightly, keeping thew top two cards together as you say this, if you wish. Of course, the top card is now face up in the second position, on top of their selection.

(4) Cut the deck (or do a pass if you are fancy like that), then spread the deck to show that the face up card has 'found' their selection directly below it.

That's pretty much it. Hardly ground-breaking, I know! I can't imagine it hasn't already been written up somewhere. But it's new to me and is pretty effective. You can use it as a card revelation, or add it to your ACR.

I'm off to take more pain meds [frown]. Cheers!


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