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 which memorized stack is best?
 Juan Tamariz 6 60%
 Simon Aronson 3 30%
 Richard Osterlind 1 10%
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Rudy Tinoco

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Originally Posted by luigimar

From this post, I am guessing that  AllanJ4125 is Allan Ackerman himself!

Looking forward to his lecture!

You guessed correctly, Luis!!

Tom Kracker

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About 18 years ago, I was taught The Hungry Jackass stack.  I recently looked it up to know the origin, and I found it's in Mulholland's Book of Magic (1963) on Page 80.  All you had to do is memorize a simple sentence (which it did help me to visualize images of each word), and remember CHSD order.  Mere minutes to memorize.

One thing I do like about stacks in general is if you have a friend who just walks in the room and you ask them to name the card that the spectator just selected (you very subtly make sure they see the bottom card, then they know the next one in the stack order), then they name it.  This works nicely with any stack providing you both know the stack.

The only thing I dislike about stacks, is you have to keep the deck all together in that stack order, of course you can do cuts or false shuffles, but this applies to any stack.  I agree with those that prefer to do card magic with a borrowed deck.  Although there are several routines I enjoy doing that have a small setup or occasional special card(s), but usually nothing I can't casually cull together just in idle chit chat.


"How can I help you do your job better?"
-T. Kracker
Steve Burton

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My preference is the Nikola stack as published in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Jean Hugard. My reasons for choosing this old classic has to do with several unpublished routines that can only be done with the Nikola. Someday I will publish them but, at present, I really like that most magicians choose other stacks, as listed above, and I don't have to worry about duplication in the professional arena. This is not to take away from the others just a statement of my predilection. 

One thing I've noticed is that in online forums when I mention the Nikola someone seems to always chime in with the false notion that the Nikola contains "outdated" effects such as Whist routines and the game of Nap. This is not, in fact, the case. The Poker and Bridge deals inherent to the Nikola System suffice for those games too. But people read an effect such as the mind-reading routine, The Wizard's Whist, and think it's about Whist. Whist is a Bridge variation and Nap is similar to Poker so the perfect Bridge hand and four handed Poker deal does double duty for those games. Poker and Bridge are still widely known so the idea that there are obsolete elements in the Nikola is erroneous.

Also, please note the spelling of Louis Nikola's name as it seems to be misspelled constantly due to a confusion with the stage performer Nicola.

Thanks for reading. 

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Anyone use Doug Dyment’s Quickerstack ‘the 30 minute stack’?
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