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Meir Yedid raised a superb technique in his lecture for the TMF yesterday; how to get someone to like you? give them a gift. He gave examples of handing out dice, coins, cards etc. and of course his whole lecture was a gift to us in the magic community - and we definitely like him... Jeff McBride is another magician who believes in offering people a gift.

"Jeff is always a magician, always the enthusiastic entertainer. In any one day, he might produce a small rose for a desk clerk; vanish a coin borrowed from a person he meets in a check-out line and then discover the coin in a wrapped chocolate bar, and a little later, read the minds of a group of college girls sitting next to him in a coffee shop. That same night he might be headlining a show in Las Vegas where music, lights and costumes provide an ambiance for his mask-changing act and flawless sleight of hand" - Barrie Richardson

Giving a gift is a kind act which has a knock on effect in the community and lives of those involved. A real magician is the one who creates change, and with the concept of offering gifts we can make a positive change in our world.

Meir Yedid reminded us of the power of a gift in his lecture yesterday.
Mike Powers

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Great point Socrates. The effect of giving a gift goes far outside of using it as a ploy as a magician. We left a small box of chocolates for our letter carrier a couple of weeks ago. A day later she left us a note telling us how this little act of kindness "made her day." It's so easy to do and has such a wonderful effect on people. The spin off of this is "pay it forward." Small things can have big effects.

Paco Nagata

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Such a detail would also make the spectator to remember your magic show and YOU as a magician, specially if the object in question is the principal feature of the magical effect.
What is more, you can't make it more clear, since they can have it and examine.

In the Spring of last year I went to Saint Etiennen (France) from Madrid with my family to visit some friends.
I gave a little card magic show for them: three kids (four with mine) and their parents.
At the end of the show I gave away the deck of cards to them. The reaction about that was great!
They appreciated it a lot. The kids couldn't stop playing with the deck, trying to do some magic ^_^
It was an Heraclio Fournier deck of cards; one of my favourite decks. At the beginning it was hard for me to give that deck away since I had lived many "magical stories" with it and got attached to it, but it was worth.
I'm sure that they will remember me as "Paco the magician" as they play with that deck of cards.
By the way, it was really funny and hilarious about languages:
The kids speak French and Japanese.
Their dad speak French and English.
Their mom speak Japanese, French and English.
My wife, Japanese, English and Spanish like me.
Our son speak Spanish and Japanese.

So, the show was a really Babel Magic Show ^_^

"The Passion of an Amateur Card Magician"
"La pasion de un cartómago aficionado"
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John Cowne

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I wholeheartedly agree, Socrates: who‘s heart doesn’t melt just a little with any unexpected gift? The value of the gift is magnified by the wrapping, which could just be that the receiver has felt that the magician has found him interesting enough to get to know something about them beyond their name, especially with family and friends, whom you have some ‘inside information’ on what they love. Rapport is a gift.

At another level, I saw a video of a kid’s magician who asked a birthday child about who organised to have the magician at the party. He then produced a rose and asked the child,  ’Wouldn't it be great if you could show your [mum] how thankful you are for her thoughtfulness? Why don’t you give this to her now and give her a big ‘Thanks, mum’?”. The show ends. Permanent memories are made.


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Swedish magician Tim Starr did a close-up card routine with a female volunteer and at the end of the trick he produced a small bottle of perfume from the card box.  The surprise and the way he handled it displayed pure class and respect for his "helper".  It was a feel-good moment for the entire audience, not just the subject.
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